Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gosh, I'm choked up!

Tonight my daughter paid me a very special compliment. She is a technology expert and told me she was so proud of what I had accomplished on my own today setting up this blog. She does such amazing work and blows me away with how incredibly savvy she is with technology, that for her to tell me she's proud of me meant so, so much.

So NOT the techno geek!

Well, this is my initial attempt at starting a blog! Please be patient with me and I know I need to be patient with myself! I was just so proud of myself in March when I set up a shop on to show just some of what I like to do now that I'm retired. It took me over two days to figure it out, BUT I did it! ( yeah) This is moving on to another stage and I hope to be fairly faithful with it. I so envy the people that find all this computer and web stuff so easy. My two daughters are just amazing at all of this! Unfortunately, they both live too far away to help me too much. Never mind, won't learn if I don't try.