Sunday, September 28, 2008

The day got away from me............

Got up this morning and had my usual coffee and cigarette and spent some time by myself just going over in my head the many things on my mind.
Stripped and re-made the bed and got laundry going. I actually started with a scratchy throat and a weird feeling in my sinues and nose.....darn, I think I'm getting a cold. I found out that I have another one of those stupid cysts back in my throat and will need another surgery some time in the future...frustrating and gross.
I finished another glass block and then emailed my nephew who is going through some unpleasant stuff. His wife left and now it's just him and his little two year old daughter. I decided to phone him and talk directly. I feel so badly for him, as he's flat broke and lives way, way, way up north where it's so isolated. He really wants to just get out of there and take his daughter away from a lot of ugliness. He's really distraught and just isn't sure what to do next. We talked and talked and I think by the end of it he had talked through stuff enough to be more certain what he should do next..There is a huge family network down here and all of us will help him on some level but he needs to search his heart and soul and be absolutely sure what he wants for sure.
Myself, I'm still doing a lot of thinking, evaluating and deciding what to do's going to take me some time.
I talked with my oldest daughter tonight and I always feel a little better once I connect with my girls. She's going to England this coming weekend on business and we have a close friend over there and they will connect...My little man was up in his bed so didn't get to talk with love that little guy!
I went to see my girlfriend's mother who has been in the hospital for weeks now with a compressed fracture in her back.. She is one spunky lady and I just love her to death! She is and always has been my second Mom and very special to me. My girlfriend and her husband have gone out to British Columbia for two weeks and I know my girlfriend will call her mother every single day. I still like to drop in and keep her company once in a while.
I have one custom glass block to get made this week and I just got an order tonight for a custom plate so things are moving in the right direction....just a turtle's pace. Forward is good!
Still working on this Christmas Tea and Gift Sale my cousins and I are doing the first week of November..

Friday, September 26, 2008

SO BUSY!!!!!!!

I haven't posted anything for a few days for many reasons, but I've been SO busy making new plates for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season... Check out my shop over the next few days as I'll post 2-3 new items per day for a while..I'll feature one on my blog tonight(oops, it's morning now!)
I'm trying to deal with a lot of personal stuff as well and believe the issues currently weighing on my mind will take some time to sort out..we'll see.
I'm also really busy trying to help organize a Christmas Tea and Craft Sale my cousins and I are holding on November 8th.
I have my husband's cousin and her husband coming for dinner on Saturday. Omg, I think I actually better do some housecleaning tomorrow. I HATE a dirty house, but I'd much rather keep doing my arts but can't afford a housecleaner and certainly don't get help cleaning from my husband...
Where's that 'genie in a bottle' when you need him.....hmmm!
We have had such gorgeous weather here the past three days and I've barely made it outside other than two days did my walk.....
GREAT NEWS! I sold another plate yesterday off ETsy....woohoo!!!! I absolutely believe this is what I should be doing and I finally have something I can feel passionate about......

Monday, September 22, 2008


That's what I have a lot to do......think. I've spent a lot of last night and today talking to a couple of people who've known me for some time. It really helps to get people you know and trust to give you another point of view and suggestions. The bottom line, however, is one makes their own choices and one deals with their personal consequences, be they positive or negative. I have thinking to do, fact finding to do and I need time to process.
I've started walking on a regular basis and that helps as well.
For most of the day, I spent working on plates for a custom order and a couple of Christmas ones.
My youngest daughter called this morning with some really sad news. While in high school she had two very special mentors, who happened to be married to each other and have meant so much to her. The couple had retired down to the east coast and were really enjoying retirement. Yesterday, sadly, the husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack. He was not that old and one of the kindest, most caring men. I, too, had the good fortune of getting to know them fairly well. He helped so many kids while in the school system. This is now two very special men in my daughter's life that are gone. It's certainly at times like this I question where is the fairness of this world?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

FALL is here!!!!

Well, fall is upon us and I must say this is my favourite time of the year. I only wish the season was longer. The smells in the air, the smells in our homes from baking, the colours of the trees, the really comfortable weather make a lot of us feel invigorated. I love opening the windows and letting in the fall air and for some reason, I feel more energized to do stuff.
For me, the timing couldn't be better as I really need something to help cheer me up. I'm going through a lot emotionally at the moment. I'm struggling with how to do deal with all that's going on. So much I'd like to say, but this isn't the time or the place to say anything. I have so much to think about and so many decisions that I need to make. The whole thing is totally overwhelming at this point.
I am so angry with myself on so many levels and so dumbfounded at where I find myself at this point in my life. I'm certainly not a shining example and have no right to have opinions on other people and their lives. I, at a very late stage in my life, have realized no one really knows what people are going through unless they get to 'walk in their shoes'.
For most of my life, I've tried to stay so positive and be an example for my girls, especially, that things get better. I REALLY need to try practicing what I've preached and get through this.
As a spiritual person, who has a true belief in God, I am looking for some answers from my higher power...I certainly don't have answers and trust He will come through and show me a way to deal with everything.
For the moment, however, I'm working diligently on my plates and photography and I WILL NOT give up. I finally feel some sense of pride and it gives me some peace.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Double birthdays.........

Today is both my husband and my oldest daughter's birthdays...yes, 36 years ago she was my husband's birthday gift. We just talked with her and she had a really nice birthday...lots of special things done for her by her husband and son, her friends and her co-workers...she SO deserves the love and attention!
As for my husband, we had a quiet day and I made a nice dinner and a special date cake that he absolutely loves.
I'm feeling a bit down since I've either delivered or mailed or emailed over 20 resumes and other than one response (negative ) not a single phone call or rejection or anything! Omg, I hope something breaks soon.
I posted on the local posting website to rent out one of our bedrooms. I'm not too hopeful with that either, as we live 20 minutes outside the main city.
I spent a lot of today taking photos of some of my new plates and manipulating them so I can post them on my web store at Etsy. They've had some major technical glitches the past couple of days so I'm hesitant to post them yet.
I have to go to Mississauga tomorrow for the final follow up to my throat surgery and then I'm meeting a friend.
We haven't been friends a long time but feel like I've know her for ages. Both our husbands were having the liver resections for the cancers they had so we had hours and hours to talk and talk...and we did. Sadly, her husband succumbed to the cancer and passed away one year ago this past February. She's had such a rough time trying to take over her husband's company and run it as well as all the emotional stuff she's had to deal with...Gosh, I SO admire her!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Excited, excited.............

I'm finally starting to get some more exposure elsewhere....
In the past four to five weeks I've been featured in approximately eight treasurys on the Etsy site.
I got word that my Etsy store banner has been selected for a special calendar for next year for Etsy shops.
AND.......... today, Google alerts let me know this blogger has featured one of my items on her blog.... omg, I really have to crank it up as far as marketing....BUT for now check this out

Friday, September 12, 2008

Check out Etsy.............

Go to the Etsy store site and check out many of the shops...many have added both Hallowe'en, Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas a search and you will be amazed at the talent and artistry of some of these etsians...and..oh yeah, check out my shop too!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Took a day off from.........

I've been busy making my plates (I have 5 custom orders to complete)and I'm also busy starting to make Christmas plates, Thanksgiving plates, and Christmas and Thanksgiving glass blocks. In between, I've been mailing out resumes or delivering resumes in the hopes of finding a job as well.
My cousin called last night and said she and three of my other cousins were going up to another cousin's cottage for the day and did I want to come? Y-E-S!!! I should have kept working at stuff but I needed a break.
My emotions are all over the place at the moment and SO much on my mind so said 'go' and feel guilty later!
I so enjoyed my daughter and grandaughter's visit and had a boo-hoo as I left them behind at the airport. We didn't do much while they were here as I felt my daughter needed some down time so we just enjoyed some conversation and that sweet little girl.
The girls made a decision that we would not be exchanging Christmas gifts this year, nor would we be doing our traditional stocking stuffers. The only purchases will be for the two little ones and even then it will be cut back. Both of the children have enough to do about six kids and don't really need any more, I'll be getting them a few little things, period.
I think the girls decided to institute this to help their Mom and Dad who are having a very difficult time at the moment financially. Part of me is relieved and the other part of me feels so badly. However, we will all be together and will have some quality time together and that really is what counts.
My husband and I also had a discussion tonight about birthdays and we've decided to no longer get for our girl's or their husbands. We will still get for the grandchildren but that will be scaled back as well. I think we'd rather give them some small thing to open and then give the parents a little bit of money to put into a bank account for them and their futures.
It will certainly make things different than past Christmases and birthdays but we will continure to love each other and appreciate the family.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Little girl..........charm, character, and just plain cute!

Well, my little grandaughter has been here with my daughter since Thursday and she is just so much fun to watch and interact with..The first few hours she was here, she just wasn't too sure of her Grammie and Papa (it's been six months since she last saw us ) but over the next little while she's warmed up. She's 11 months today and she's at that stage where she is a bit clingy to her 'Mommy'. She has the most adorable smile that just takes you in and you just want to squeeze and kiss her all over. She has to wear glasses, even at this early age, due to severe farsightedness but they look so cute on her and just add to her individual look and character. She eats really well and although teething more at the moment, she handles it pretty well.
My father ( her great- grandfather who's almost 89 years old came today for lunch ) and it was so much fun watching her with my Dad...he absolutely fascinated her. We got some 4 generation pictures which will be so great to have. We took one picture of her little hand on top of my Dad's hand and when developed in black and white should be an amazing picture.
She isn't crawling yet, but by god, she sure is trying and REALLY wants to move..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can't wait ....!!!!!

Yeah! ... my youngest daughter and my little grandaughter arrive tomorrow. I haven't seen them since early in March and then won't get to see them again until Christmas. I'm so looking forward to some time together with both. My cousins are throwing a belated baby shower on Sunday and that will be great as well.
I got to talk to my grandson last night, although short, he's starting to get better about talking on the phone. He will be four years old in November...gosh I miss them both.
At times I get so sad that neither of my girls are close and I sure do miss being able to spend more time together. I miss the closeness and the 'girl' time we use to have, but then there's no sense getting too upset as it isn't going to change it. I truly love and admire both my girls and I can't begin to tell the world how proud I am of both. That doesn't mean we always agree but I believe we have a great deal of respect for each other.
Now I get to have the fun of watching how they both handle motherhood and to enjoy and yet speculate as to what's ahead for my grandchildren.
Tomorrow would have been my Mom's birthday and I'll go to the cemetary and put some flowers out and just sit quiet and 'talk' to her for a little while....there's was SO much we still could say to each other, but for now, I say ' I love you' Mom! We also never got to spend very much time together once I became an adult...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AdSense.....their help is no help

For someone technically challenged like me it's impossible to get help.....I went to the help help offered there. I tried to email Google AdSense....tell me they don't respond to emails...go to AdSense Help....the wording is not a help.....
Can we say going crazy....can't figure this out. My daughter who is a technical wizard can't figure it out either ( at least that makes me feel a bit better ).I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THE ADS DON'T ROTATE OUT ANY LONGER??????? SO FRUSTRATING.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Etsy Day.....Things to Do!

I spent most of the night and early this morning listing some new photos on my Etsy shop. I then did some Etsy related purchasing with other Etsy shops. I went back and forth with a designer who created a new, classier business card for me. Then, I purchased from another shop a vinyl decal for the back of my car to advertise my Etsy shop.
I then spent some time outside doing some weeding in our gardens as it was such a gorgeous day....a great Labour Day.
We barbequed and then I went down to my 'cave' and set out materials, etc to start on some fall and Christmas plates.
I have a couple of errands to do tomorrow after our family breakfast ( yes, they start again ) and then will come home and do plates for the rest of the day.
My husband has a Woodturner's meeting so will be gone all evening.