Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The weekend that just passed is a pretty big deal in the Village of Keene, where I happen to live.
The was the fourth year for this event which offers something for all ages, however, the main focus is really the children. For me, this was the very first one I've attended and participated in as I've been at one of my daughter's homes when it has taken place prior to this year.
Children are invited to display their carved or painted pumpkins to build a 'Pumpkin Pyramid'. Their is a costume parade, pony rides and a petting zoo, face painting and a 'Kid's Zone'. Their is a definite energy that comes from kids of all ages. Although, the weather was damp and cold, it didn't seem to affect the spirits of the children. Face painting is especially in demand.

For the adults there's also an opportunity to dress up in costume, an antique car and tractor show, a pumpkin pie contest, raffles, fiddlers and square dancing. The most anticipated event is the Giant Pumpkin weigh-off. This year the largest pumpkin weighed over 1100 lbs.

For all, there is the arts and crafts tent. This year I opted to rent a table and try selling my photography. At the end of the day, I decided this was not a venue for photography. Now, if you were offering food, sweets or baking those were a huge hit.

Last but not least, there was a beer tent and the day ended with a Ham n' Harvest Church Supper.
I didn't get a chance to see some of it as I was at my own table. As someone who had not attended or participated before, I was really impressed. The organizers and the town in general did an amazing job.
People in the Village really get involved. Many driveways and entrances to homes were decorated very impressively.
If you are curious and would like to attend next year, hear is the website link...

Friday, October 21, 2011


Well, once again, it's almost a month since I've posted on my blog. There have been some family issues that needed to be handled. I've done three different art shows and of course, my own studio tour planning and implementing.
Although, I did make a little bit of money over the two day studio tour, I must admit to being slightly disappointed in the turn out more than anything.
I'm kind of scratching my head and wondering what I could have done better to draw more people. I thought I did a really good job marketing.
I posted an invite on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Branch Out which exposes it to many, many people.
I belong to Chamber of Commerce and handed out and mailed to many members. Only one person from Chamber came. I belong to Spirit of the Hills Arts Association and posted on the website. Only one person from that group came. I sent out postcard invites to almost 150 people who I felt could make use of my photography in their various businesses. Only three people came from that mailing.
I put ads in the local Village of Keene paper, a posting in one of the local newspapers in their Calendar of Events. Posters were placed at various strategic places in town and postcards were put in a few restaurants. I did get a few people from the restaurant postcards. Some family and friends came for support as well.
I offered framed and matted photography, just matted photography in three different sizes and note cards as well.
I had baked for the event and felt I served up a nice assortment of refreshments. The people that came were very impressed and pleased at my offering to them.

I offered a draw for a framed piece of art as well.
I had a sign made for outside announcing the event with balloons attached so people would take notice driving by my place. A few people did drop in because of the sign.
My expectation was optimistically to have about 100 - 150 people come. Unfortunately, only about 35 came.
It will take me a bit of time to reflect on what could have been done better or what other things I might have done to draw more people. At the moment, however, I'm getting ready for a one day show tomorrow at the Keene Pumpkin Festival.
Disappointed, yes, but will learn from this attempt. I will definitely try again once I resolve my questions on this studio tour. I'm a little down, but more determined than ever.
Here are some pictures from the studio I set up in our family room.