Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do you ever find yourself questioning your purpose in life and wondering the 'what if'. I have done that quite often in the past. Losing sight or giving up on my personal goals and dreams when it got difficult or 'life' kept getting in the way.

I have set aside a lot of emotions and hurts that,I believe, were holding me back. Sometimes, it was easier to give in and then make excuses. Well, no more!

My intuition, which I had also started to doubt, is telling me I am definitely meant to pursue my photography. I intend to do just that! I realize that friends and family see you in a way that comes from my own past behaviours. I understand that completely, however, I am appreciative of the friends and family that have become my cheerleaders. I started and failed at a number of things in my life and know I need to prove to them how serious this is for me. I will NOT give up! Although, I am not trained in all the technical aspects of photography, I am good at it and will continue to get better.

Getting recognition and people to pay for your work takes time. Photography, painting, sculpture, etc. are things people don't need and use discretion when spending their hard earned money on such things. Having said that, there are a LOT of people in this world who do have the money to purchase things that speak to their hearts. Yes, I said world. With the onset of the internet, Facebook and the like, the world really is an artists' marketplace.

I am almost 64 years old and before I die, will be successful at something. Photography is my 'something'!

The year has started off well. I have already been in a recognized show and sold one piece. I've have two custom ordered large canvases sold. I have framed photography and two canvases in a local restaurant. I'm in another show in two weeks AND have a 'One woman show' coming for April, May and June in a library. All of this continues to encourage me and keep me on my path to success. I am posting photos of the two custom canvases
ordered and sold(both were of sunsets) AND a few pictures of some of my pieces in the local restaurant.
In total, there are twelve matted and framed pieces and two canvas works at the restaurant.

Above all else, I am doing this for me. I can and will do better!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


After a rough 2010, I told myself that this year would be better. As of now, it's certainly starting off on a better footing.
I've met some wonderful new artists and continue to network and hear about their lives and their experiences. When you are trying to chart your own course when it pertains to your goals and ambitions, it's great to speak with like people. I've had some great suggestions given to me and will definitely take all under consideration. Whether I follow the tips or not, it's so interesting to hear of their personal journey to meet their own dreams and expectations.

When I moved to Keene, I began to make new local friends. One local friend in particular is so much fun to spend time with and she has become one of my biggest fans of my photography! We have had coffee times getting to know each other better. We went to the United Way 'Be a Goddess' event together. Her name is Marg as well, which we have a bit of fun with at times. At this particular event, she was modelling for part of the fashion show for a specific women's dress shop. She has a great shape for a variety of clothing.

The night is a fundraiser,yes, however it's also somewhat of a women's trade show. Vendors catering to women have booths and do demos and hand out all kinds of free stuff. The local police, firefighters and EMT's dress in their uniforms and act as waiters who go around serving finger foods from local restaurants. A really fun time!
We just went to a live show at Showplace together on Friday night to watch a group of Flamenco dancers from Toronto. It was so interesting. I love latin music and latin dance.

Her son was throwing a 'Jack and Jill' party for one of his friends, so we crashed that for a short while. We bought some tickets for miscellaneous raffle prizes. I won a set of really nice wine glasses. Yeah!

Today was my first art show for this year. I was invited by 'The Kawartha Artists Gallery and Studio' to participate as a guest artist photographer. I could submit four pieces. For an opening, there was pretty good attendance, considering weather issues. Many viewers complimented me on my work, which is always great affirmation. I sold one piece which is the 'icing on the cake' for the first day of the show.