Sunday, August 22, 2010


It's been a very busy but wonderful week.
Friday was my 63rd birthday and my friends and family made it SO special for me.
I received many, many cards and many, many wonderful gifts. On Thursday at lunch my brother and sister-in-law took me to lunch for Thai food and it was superb! It was my first visit to this restaurant as we rarely eat out. Then, our friends from Brockville called and said they were in their motorcoach heading back to Brockville and wanted to spend the evening and overnight with us. They took us to the Elmhirst Resort for dinner. Again, wonderful food! I don't usually eat two big meals in one day!
Then Friday, I had a meeting with the planning committee for the 'Artisan's & Arpeggio' show we're holding on September 11, 2010. The girls bought me lunch at our 'Village Tea Room'. I had already told my husband I wasn't cooking on my birthday, so he said to pick a place to go out for dinner. As a member of our local Chamber of Commerce, I've had the pleasure of meeting and hearing about new restaurants that have opened in town. I picked a restaurant called 'David's' which is European Fine Dining. The decor was stunning, the food absolutely wonderful, and Mary, the owner, gave me a complimentary chocolate crepe with fresh fruit for dessert......just so enjoyable. My husband gave me an iTunes gift card.
I received some wonderful gifts. My daughter's gave me an iPod Nano, some gave me money towards my camera fund, my neighbour gave me some lovely note pads, my cousins gave me gift cards to Michaels and Staples. My friend from New Brunswick calle as well. She was just here visiting but I miss her already. I felt very spoiled and very blessed to have the friends and family who love me.
To top it all off, my grandson and my grandaughter each sang Happy Birthday to me.
Life is good!... and then some.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, I'm SO excited! I entered another photography show and went down today to help at the door and pick up my art at the end of the show. Once there, I found out one of the three pieces I submitted placed second. WOW, what a wonderful surprise!!! This is the very first win for me and to top it off, there was a cash prize as well, so I received $100.00 .... icing on the cake so to speak!

The judge for this show was Michael van Leur, who lives and works in Toronto. He is a judge in the Pirelli Photography Awards, as well as for other community based associations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has 25 years experience in professional photography, working for some large studios and owning his own studio/professional lab for about 10 years. He has been hired by MacLeans magazine, Toronto Life magazine, Report on Business, Power, and Rough Notes to take photographs on their behalf.

I have three more shows I've entered coming up. This has given me the validation and encouragement to trust my heart and my passion. I'm not going to regret going after one of my dreams and who knows what might be ahead,

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This article was sent to me via an email, and I'm sure it's circulating around the world via the net. Having said that, I feel it's SO worth featuring again the amazing, amazing work of this couple. I'm in awe of the detail in their work and yet there is my curious side that wonders what is in some people's makeup that inspires this type of creativity? What makes some so creative and others not so much? Hmmmm!

Here in their own words, is some of their thoughts and story.......

Sculptures of Native American scenes made out of paper by Allen and Patty Eckman

These stunningly detailed sculptures may only be made from paper - but they are being snapped up by art fans for tens of thousands of pounds. The intricate creations depict Native American scenes and took up to 11 months to make using a specially formulated paper.
Husband and wife team Allen and Patty Eckman put paper pulp into clay moulds and pressurize it to remove the water
The hard, lightweight pieces are then removed and the couple painstakingly add detailed finishing's with a wide range of tools
They have been making the creations since 1987 at their home studio, in South Dakota, America, and have racked up a whopping £3 million selling the works of art
The pieces depict traditional scenes from Native American history of Cherokees hunting and dancing
The most expensive piece is called Prairie Edge Powwow which sold for £47,000
Allen said: "We create Indians partly because my great, great grandmother was a Cherokee and my family on both sides admire the native Americans...
...I work on the men and animals and Patty does the women and children" explains Allen
"I enjoy most doing the detail. The paper really lends itself to unlimited detail. I'm really interested in the Indians' material, physical and spiritual culture and that whole period of our nation's history I find fascinating. From the western expansion, through the Civil War and beyond is of great interest to me."
Allen explained their technique: "It should not be confused with paper Mache. The two mediums are completely different. I call what we do 'cast paper sculpture'"
..."Some of them we create are life-size and some we scale down to 1/6 life-size"
"We transform them by sculpting on top of them - creating detail with soft and hard paper we make in various thicknesses and textures.
"We have really enjoyed the development of our fine art techniques over the years and have created a process that is worth sharing. There are many artists and sculptors who we believe will enjoy this medium as much as we have."

Friday, August 6, 2010


I went to Picton a couple of days ago to attend the Eastern Ontario Photography Show. I had entered the show, however, none of the three pieces I submitted were picked. Apparently, that's not unusual the first time you apply. I decided I wanted to see just what did get accepted. There were some beautiful, beautiful pieces of work and a few that I'd definitely put in 'a class by themselves'. When I left, after viewing over three hundred plus pieces, I felt my work, overall, was every bit as good as what was displayed. All these processes just confirm for me, that indeed I need to continue following my dream.
Picton is such a unique town. It sits on Lake Ontario, with amazing sand dunes, a lake that's on top of a mountain, wonderful restaurants, a ferry to the island, a very old but quaint downtown area. I just love spending time there! There's is SO much to see and do it would take more than a day, for sure. I'm lucky enough to live just an hour and a bit can do day trips.
Picton is in Prince Edward County and the areas in the county are filled with beautiful farms, wineries and stunning, well maintained older homes. There is a booming and well supported arts community.
I can't begin to do the area justice, so take time to visit at some point.
Here are just a few shots to help convince you.....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hi there!

I'm excited to present this fairly new artist from Etsy. Her name is Leslie Hedrick. She does really unique and intriguing art.

As I usually do, I'm including a brief Bio and using mostly her own words to introduce Leslie to my blogging world. Go check out her shop and let her know what you like and/or don't like. As someone who is not creative with either a pen, pencil, etc., I'm fascinated to see these type of artists put down lines on paper that come to life. Fascinating!

I have always been an artist of all kinds. This particular style developed as doodling in boring classes. Maybe that's why I never took it seriously until now!
My work is all done pretty small scale with a ballpoint pen. I then create prints of it on satin banners and poster paper. I now consider it more than doodling--it's a meditation for me, and an elegant, beautiful way to see the world.
I'm a pen and ink line-work artist. All my work is done free-hand in ballpoint pen, and is abstract. I work in black and white, using variations of bold and delicate strokes.In my shop you will find giclee prints of my work, in 11x17 and 8x10. I also occasionally do a limited edition series of the line-work in a different medium.

Currently I have some limited edition satin wall banners for sale for $75.00 each. The Lotus, Botanic, Pitcher Plant, Symphony and Mirror Satin Banners have sold--every other design should have a satin banner option available.

I've also designed many tattoos. These are not posted on the site right now because they have all sold, and they are all one and only, never to be repeated designs. Convo me through Etsy if you'd like to commission one! Keep an eye out for uncommissioned, for sale tattoo work in August 2010.

The "earth" in Pen and Ink and Earth refers to semi-precious gemstone jewelry that I make, which I will begin selling in September.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Let me know what you think by leaving a blog comment, and keep watching for a facebook page to follow!