Friday, February 24, 2012

ANNE CAVANAGH.... A multi-faceted talent!!

This post is to draw attention to my new friend, Anne Cavanagh.
Anne is going to be my 'partner' in an art exhibit which is coming in mid-March at our local hospital.

The hospital designates one hall to feature local artists which is called, 'The Art and Healing' hall. There is the potential for a lot of exposure and should Anne or myself sell anything, a portion will go to the hospital foundation.

Long before meeting Anne, I had admired her work. She is multi-talented, but I especially love her graphite drawings the best. Someday I'll commission her to draw my grandchildren. Anne teaches drawing lessons and enjoys that aspect of her art, as well. When you visit her website, you will agree she's a great teacher based on the student art sampling she displays.

I have Anne's permission to draw from her website in order to do justice to her art and her passion. I hope you appreciate her work as much as I.

Here is Anne's bio, in her own words....
Anne Cavanagh is a Peterborough-area portrait artist who creates black and white drawings in a realistic style.
Anne especially loves drawing children and is inspired by their genuineness. “Children are totally involved with life, they have nothing to hide, they are so curious – that’s what I find so compelling,” she says. She often uses her young son as a model, observing his exploration of the world and how he is amused by the smallest things. Her sensitivity and talent in capturing the essence of childhood moments has now evolved into a business where she specializes in children’s portraits.

The primary medium of Anne’s artwork is graphite, which she uses to create her detailed drawings. She also likes to experiment with untraditional materials, such as dried grasses and beeswax, by adding them to her drawings.
Anne studied art throughout high school as well as in the United States, France and England. At the post-secondary level, she combined her love of art and science by obtaining her BA in Pre-medical Illustration. Recently, her work has won two awards at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival in 2006: the People’s Choice Award and First Place, Open Class

These are just three of my favourites, but there are many more I love as well!

Her commissioned work would be such a special gift for a mother, grandmother,friend, daughter, son or someone very close to your heart. I hope this gives you a great gift idea for someone you know and love.
Here is Anne's website for you to contact her:

Both myself and Anne are quite excited about our joint collaboration. Each of us feels gratified when our art speaks to someone's heart and moves the person on some level.
Thank you Anne for teaming up with's been such a pleasure getting to know you and I believe it's just the beginning of a warm friendship.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Although this show opened on Sunday, February 5th, it will run until Thursday of the coming week. I have been in a few shows put on by the Kawartha Artist Gallery and Studio(KAGS). I've decided to begin featuring each show I enter in from here on out.
This show has some outstanding artists! The majority of this show is painters, a few photographers, and a couple of mixed media pieces. There are a number of phenomenal artists in this show, so I am listing their names and will include a few samples of different artist's work at the Gallery.
Personally, I was honoured by one of my pieces being picked for the poster, the flyer and a bookmark KAGS does for each show presented.

Some members participate is almost every show. Some prefer to select definite ones to perform and attend. I am one of the latter.
This area of Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Port Hope, Trent Hills Region have some phenomenal artist to feature. Here is a list of the artist's that participated in 'Bringing in the Sunshine'. If you google any of these names, you can get info on the artist himself/herself and go from there, if interested.

Jaan Teng, Nancy Simmons Smith, Linda Paterson, Kim Tucker
Lisa Masters,Tom Young, Cathy Rowland,Sue Cowan, Angela McCumber,Judi Waymark, Elaine Goselin, Nan Sidler, Marilyn Simpson, Elli Urquhart, Vera Penrose, Susan Sydney, Gail Hawkins, Bobby Rowland Paterson, Daphne Molson, Linda McFadden, Bob Lockie, Sharon Taylor, Margaret Tough, Krista Quellette and, of course, myself.

Here is a sampling of just some of the fantastic work submitted for this show!

This is a non-profit gallery so each artist that sells a piece(s) at these shows keeps all the revenue.
On Sunday, February 26th, a new show will begin strictly for photographers. This show will be called 'Transitions' At the moment, I'm trying to decide which pieces to enter. I now have my canvases in hand for the Peterborough Hospital Foundation Exhibit beginning in mid-March. I may put a couple of those pieces in the 'Transitions' show. If I could sell a couple, it would help defray the costs for the hospital show. Hmmm, decision to make!