Saturday, January 22, 2011

EDIT, EDIT, EDIT....!!!!

Once again, it's been some time since I've managed a post.
Since January 1st, my main focus is editing. I've got many things to edit. Closets, files, cupboards,etc., etc.
I've already made three trips to our local Value Village with many more to go. There are many things that need to be taken to our county dump. So far, I've spent almost two full days shredding private papers which are no longer required to save. I also have many, many dishes that need to be sorted and given away. I'm trying to scale down.
I'm definitely on a personal mission to clear out the 'stuff' in my life that is no longer needed. Personally, I function so much better when things are in order and organized. It's easier to be organized with less 'stuff', especially when one knows you won't ever use it again.
When I'm feeling down, somehow my spirits are lifted when I get fresh order in my life. What lifts you up when you feel a bit blue or overwhelmed?

There's a different kind of edit I need to work on as well. I need to edit out some of the negative thoughts about myself. I need to quit beating myself up about some of the choices I've made and let go. There are some negative people that need to be edited from my life as well.
Another area that needs attention, is editing and/or filtering some of my talk. I've learned, for the most part, people really don't care what you think unless it validates their thoughts. Hmmm, maybe the monks have it right ... maybe silence really is golden!

Some good news pertaining to my photography has happened within the past two weeks. First, I've been asked to submit three to four framed pieces of my photography for a three week art show being held by the Peterborough Art Guild. Shortly after this committment, an offer came to hold a 'one woman show' at one of the area libraries for three months....exciting!

What goals did you set for this year? I believe this will be a very eventful year for me.... can't wait to see if some of my plans come to fruition!

My intent for 2011 is to make me the priority!

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Wow ... there's something magic about clearing out your life and space so that the new can come in. And it sure did with you!!! Congrats on all the good art happenings.
I've been doing the same thing before my move. My last blog post is so similar to yours. Is it the time of year or the time of our life? It doesn't matter ...clear out the old so the new can come in.
LET IT GO. LET IT GO. A new year mantra.