Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well, once again I've been remiss about posting to my blog.
Without going in to details, I've been having a few health issues which we are still trying to get resolved. I hope to have a better idea what's going on this week when I go see a's very frustrating to do test after test and no one can definitively answer what is causing all this nonsense! I'm optimistic I'll get an answer or two this week!

This is my really big week when considering my photography.
The 'Opening Reception' for my 'One Woman' three month show is this coming Tuesday, April 12th, 6 - 8 PM! I have hung approximately 30 pieces at the Trent Hills Library in Campbellford, Ontario, CANADA and they will hang for three months. Since this is my very first 'solo' show, I'm both excited and yet a little apprehensive. I have many expectations for this show on many levels. Certainly a few of those reasons are monetary, personal recognition and feedback, of course! Artists need somewhat of a thick skin. It doesn't take long to realize not everyone will like your work, however, both positive and negative critiques can really help as I move forward.

The Kawartha Tourism Centre is going to hang 4 - 5 of my pieces. This is the first time photgraphy will be included in their giftshop! Woohoo!
I will stick to seasonal photography as requested. I'll post different pictures based on the season we happen to be in at the time. The photos going in the first of the week are floral photos with flowers that appear in the spring.

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So sorry to hear about your health issues and I hope that they sort themselves out very shortly. Come have a glass of wine with me sometime if you want to get away.
Congrats on your one woman show. Your photography has taken off and lots of people will get to see the beauty of your work. Very, very happy and excited for you.