Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yes, I'm still alive and kicking! It's over a month since I've posted anything here and there are so many reasons why that's the case. The reasons aren't important at this point. Writer's block seemed to take over and one finds it difficult to begin again. I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who has had this experience. Rather than covering the events during my 'block', I think I'll just move forward.

Very shortly, I plan to feature another Ontario, Canada photographer whom I know personally. I happen to admire much of her work and she has been so supportive and encouraging to me. Her name is Leah Murray. She is also a writer who just found out one of her poetry pieces is about to be published.

Myself, I'm currently in a show at the Kawartha Artists Gallery with three pieces. At the opening reception, I sold one piece. Each time this occurs, I feel blessed and it adds another layer to my confidence. It's so amazing how much photography has
become a vital part of my life. I really do look at things with a completely different eye. Another piece of my photography was picked to go on the poster for this! This is the piece that sold!

On the weekend, I'm participating in two different art shows in the Town of Port Hope. The Square Foot Show that is along side the All Canadian Jazz Festival is my second year to enter. As the title of the show states, no piece can be larger than one square foot. I must say, it has a lot of impact when you walk into the show and every single piece is exactly the same size.
The second show is at the Ganaraska Art and Framing shop. I'm entering one piece only and really hope people like it. I'd be ecstatic if it sold.

In the middle of October, I'm holding a Studio Tour here at my home for my own works. I've ordered the lawn sign, ordered postcards(invites)to mail out on Monday, got pricing for a newspaper ad, posted on Facebook and will post on LinkedIn as well.
To prepare for this show, my husband has made many museum shelves to set my art on for display. We hung the shelves and positioned the art on the weekend. I'm really pleased with the overall look. It's the best I can do without renting out space. I hope it will bring more recognition and revenue.

Restraint is hard for me on many levels, but I really hope and expect to do well this weekend...I am meant to do this!

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