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I have had the privilege of meeting on 'social media', etc. some photographers whose work I enjoy. As a result, I've decided to feature some of them on my blog periodically.

The first photographer I want you to meet and 'hear' is Dave Powers. He resides in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada and does some really beautiful work.

When did you first get interested in photography?

My father ran the photo lab for the OPP(Ontario Provincial Police).. he was a cop. He pretty much introduced me to photography. I had access to any type of equipment I wanted but of course, as a teenager had no idea how lucky I was... I did the odd thing here and there for fun, not until I had children did I really get into photography

What kind of camera was your first and what do you use now?

My first camera was a Nikon SLR. I then moved up to Hasselblad, 120 film size, medim format...the Hasseblad was sweet camera, and the lenses were fantastic.

What, in your opinion, are the advantages and disadvantages between ‘point and shoot’ and ‘DSLR’?

The advantage of point and shoot is the ease of use. You can carry it with you anywhere, in a pocket or what ever. You can practice your compositions anytime you want. You are limited though because of the one lens focal length. A DSLR allows you so many options with lens focal length, f stops, shutter speeds, exposure and so on. Of course, they are heavier and more bulky to carry around, but with the digital world now you can do so much.

What type of pictures do you tend to shoot the most?

People pictures...I love photographing people. You can get so many moods and emotions. Right now I am also shooting architecture. I look at it like building a puzzle, a little light here, add some light over there and so on.

What type of art, photography etc. is what you have in your own home?

Artistic photos of my kids when they were under 5 years old. We have one 20x30 print, from the film days, of the kids sitting on luggage at the train station in Cobourg, very cute image. We actually went to the local blue box station, bought a hat for my son, a dress for my daughter and two pieces of luggage. I think it cost about 3 son looks like Frank Sinatra in is so cute!

What is one tip you’ve learned to improve your photography?

Get it right in the camera… proper exposure, composition and such. That is the problem with digital photography now, people buy a camera, set it to automatic and click away and then try to fix everything in photoshop. People should learn how exposure works, f stops, shutter speeds, and ISO. When learn how to do that, you open the door for your photography....

When you do portrait work, what is your biggest challenge?

Finding somewhere different to capture the images. I have no problems doing studio type work, but I really dislike it. I like to find different places to take photographs like in a bar, a hotel pool, in the middle of the street...and so on..

What type of photography is more difficult for you?

I can honestly say I don't find any of it particularly difficult anymore. I'm not at all sounding cocky or anything like's just that photography is about light. If you have enough light, you can get the image, if you don't have enough, you need to know how to add the amount needed. I can pretty much shoot anywhere and anything.

Is there a particular photo you just haven’t managed to shoot yet, but you really would like to get?

I would like to photograph, in black and white, an elderly person in their late 90's.

Who influenced your love of photography?

My dad and my kids.

Name one photographer you admire living or dead?

YOUSUF KARSH a wonderful Canadian photographer. If you haven't seen his work I really recommend you check out his images on line... Which shot, up until now, are you most proud of?

I actually have three images I am most proud of, two of my kids and one of a wedding. All were taken during the film kids walking hand in hand under 5 yrs old, along a path at Presquile Park during the fall, beautiful colours. The one I described above and one of a bride and groom in a forest. She was walking along a path, he was in the distance, her dress made her look like a fairy princess. The light was coming through the trees ….. it was such an emotional image for them.

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What a great new feature and I learned so much from Dave's interview. Would have loved to seen some of his work in your post .. I like that he takes photography of people. Just saw his facebook address. Will check out his work there.
Great idea!!!

Marg Hamilton said...

I did ask if he'd be willing to contribute a couple of pics, but he said he'd rather they link from my blog to his website.
He's quite an interesting guy and does some pretty amazing work!
I hope he visits again and reads your kind comments.