Saturday, March 31, 2012

ART AND HEALING EXHIBIT...Now in full swing!

Well, the joint effort between myself and Anne Cavanagh is now up until May 28th.

We have had a number of friends and family who went to see our exhibit. Both of us have received some wonderful comments and compliments. I have only been back up to the hospital once since Anne and I hung the exhibit. Neither of us had sold anything, as yet. There is lots of time left however, so I'm optimistic.

It was an valuable lesson for both Anne and myself. This was the first time for both of us to hang such a large personal exhibit. We learned many new tricks, particularly in relation to where to place the eyes, hooks and wires if work is being held on chains. Place the eyes and/or tabs no lower than two to three inches from the top of the picture. Ensure that the picture wire is completely tight. Don't leave any slack in the wire. It took the both of us and two hospital volunteers just short of six hours to hang our pieces. At the end of that day, both Anne and myself were exhausted! We couldn't wait to get home and put our feet up. Since my car accident, if I'm on my feet too long, I begin to have back problems again. It was no different this time.

Anne and I were so pleased with how we complimented each other's works. With a couple of exceptions, we had no idea what the other was bringing. It was a great surprise to find that we had a number of 'theme' pieces that could be hung together.

Between Anne and myself, we have almost eighty pieces hung with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism on both our parts. There is a tremendous amount of traffic that goes up and down that hall each and every day. If nothing else, the exposure will be amazing!

...anxious and fingers crossed!

Good luck, Anne!



What a lovely exhibit to have in a hospital. Can you imagine the joy it would bring all the staff, patients and visitors? From your pictures, it looks beautifully displayed. The exposure and potential sales will be glorious but the joy ... now that's unbeatable.

Jeannette said...

I visited the Healing Arts Exhibit at the PRHC; it was really fabulous and well done!
Congrats to you both for a beautiful and inspirational collection! I was more than impressed, I was rather awed by your talent and the wonderful works on display! BRAVO!!!