Thursday, May 10, 2012


Well, it's been some time since I've had access to my blog. Apparently, some weird Blogger problem. I couldn't find my blog and was given a message that I no longer had access..hmmm! After a lot of help and suggestions, my nephew Gerob, finally seemed to get it sorted out for me.
This short little blog is more a test to see if everything really is OK again!
I'm also in shock now that I'm up and running again! Imagine my excitement to realize I can now post videos again...woot, woot! Let's hope it doesn't go away again.
Quite frankly, I don't know where to begin again, as there has been so much going on, but by the weekend, I'll try and list a few highlights.
I think I'll begin with another photographer interview. This girl is amazing. Her name is Jeannette Loney and I actually did post one of her photos on my 'Great White North' blog segment. It turns out she lives fairly close and have definite plans to meet up with her soon. She's such a great person as well and I can tell she also has a great sense of kind of woman!
For now, goodnight....back soon.... I hope!

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Jeannette said...

Great news, Margaret! I can imagine how frustrating it has been for you! So glad to hear (fingers and toes crossed twice - ouch) that the kinks are worked out! Yay, to your nephew (Gerob)! Good luck! Congrats by the way on your wonderful exhibit at PRHC! It was awesome! So happy I got to see it!