Friday, August 6, 2010


I went to Picton a couple of days ago to attend the Eastern Ontario Photography Show. I had entered the show, however, none of the three pieces I submitted were picked. Apparently, that's not unusual the first time you apply. I decided I wanted to see just what did get accepted. There were some beautiful, beautiful pieces of work and a few that I'd definitely put in 'a class by themselves'. When I left, after viewing over three hundred plus pieces, I felt my work, overall, was every bit as good as what was displayed. All these processes just confirm for me, that indeed I need to continue following my dream.
Picton is such a unique town. It sits on Lake Ontario, with amazing sand dunes, a lake that's on top of a mountain, wonderful restaurants, a ferry to the island, a very old but quaint downtown area. I just love spending time there! There's is SO much to see and do it would take more than a day, for sure. I'm lucky enough to live just an hour and a bit can do day trips.
Picton is in Prince Edward County and the areas in the county are filled with beautiful farms, wineries and stunning, well maintained older homes. There is a booming and well supported arts community.
I can't begin to do the area justice, so take time to visit at some point.
Here are just a few shots to help convince you.....

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Picton is a very lovely area and does have many wonderful artists. Your photos of the area are wonderful: I especially love the one of the shores of Lake Ontario and the beautiful sunflowers. Looks like France to me.
You should take the photos for their Chamber of Commerce ... they make me want to take another trip to that area.
Have a good weekend ... at least it is cooler.