Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hi there!

I'm excited to present this fairly new artist from Etsy. Her name is Leslie Hedrick. She does really unique and intriguing art.

As I usually do, I'm including a brief Bio and using mostly her own words to introduce Leslie to my blogging world. Go check out her shop and let her know what you like and/or don't like. As someone who is not creative with either a pen, pencil, etc., I'm fascinated to see these type of artists put down lines on paper that come to life. Fascinating!


I have always been an artist of all kinds. This particular style developed as doodling in boring classes. Maybe that's why I never took it seriously until now!
My work is all done pretty small scale with a ballpoint pen. I then create prints of it on satin banners and poster paper. I now consider it more than doodling--it's a meditation for me, and an elegant, beautiful way to see the world.
I'm a pen and ink line-work artist. All my work is done free-hand in ballpoint pen, and is abstract. I work in black and white, using variations of bold and delicate strokes.In my shop you will find giclee prints of my work, in 11x17 and 8x10. I also occasionally do a limited edition series of the line-work in a different medium.

Currently I have some limited edition satin wall banners for sale for $75.00 each. The Lotus, Botanic, Pitcher Plant, Symphony and Mirror Satin Banners have sold--every other design should have a satin banner option available.

I've also designed many tattoos. These are not posted on the site right now because they have all sold, and they are all one and only, never to be repeated designs. Convo me through Etsy if you'd like to commission one! Keep an eye out for uncommissioned, for sale tattoo work in August 2010.

The "earth" in Pen and Ink and Earth refers to semi-precious gemstone jewelry that I make, which I will begin selling in September.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Let me know what you think by leaving a blog comment, and keep watching for a facebook page to follow!

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Welcome Leslie. Your art is lovely and I wish you much success on Etsy. How lucky you are to have a great lady like Marg featuring you in her blog.