Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, I'm SO excited! I entered another photography show and went down today to help at the door and pick up my art at the end of the show. Once there, I found out one of the three pieces I submitted placed second. WOW, what a wonderful surprise!!! This is the very first win for me and to top it off, there was a cash prize as well, so I received $100.00 .... icing on the cake so to speak!

The judge for this show was Michael van Leur, who lives and works in Toronto. He is a judge in the Pirelli Photography Awards, as well as for other community based associations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has 25 years experience in professional photography, working for some large studios and owning his own studio/professional lab for about 10 years. He has been hired by MacLeans magazine, Toronto Life magazine, Report on Business, Power, and Rough Notes to take photographs on their behalf.

I have three more shows I've entered coming up. This has given me the validation and encouragement to trust my heart and my passion. I'm not going to regret going after one of my dreams and who knows what might be ahead,



Congrats Marg. Is this the photo that came in 2nd? Yea ... I have this one. I am so happy for you and your wonderful talent.

Marg Hamilton said...

Hi Meg! Yes, this is the photo that won! Thank you for your wonderful support... I'm over the moon!