Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well, this past Saturday was the culmination of approximately five months of planning. It began with a very special woman by the name of Marg Glenn who wanted to help her church raise funds for some much needed renovations to bring the church up to present day handicap requirements. This included a chair lift to allow the disabled to get to the main church, to gut and re-do the bathrooms to make them more accessible for wheelchairs and finally to begin much needed repair to a very large stained glass window that is beginning to disintegrate.
Marg recruited myself and one other woman by the name of Laurie to help organize and brain storm for ideas. We decided we wanted it to be an art show with some class and to promote both local artists and local food providers.
With that in mind, we began recruiting local artists, local musicians, and local food suppliers with something special to offer.
The end result was twelve different artists who each did something unique. We had five different musicians who each donated an hour of their time to play while people shopped and sampled different food items. It was a 'sensory' experience in every sense of the word.
There are limitations to decorating a church hall, but we did our best. All the vendor tables were covered in linen tablecloths, we had a little bistro table area for people to sit and eat and listen to the music and there were potted mums outside the church to greet those attending and flowers dispursed around the venue. We had candles on the piano and fall coloured arrangements at the front entrance as well.
Each artist and food vendor donated something distinct to them for a basket that we sold raffle tickets and one lucky winner walked away with a lot of valuable items.
Although, it wasn't as well attended as we had hoped it was still a huge success! Many who attended stated it was one of the 'classiest' art shows they had been to ever.
Mission accomplished!

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That sounds like a fun and classy event. Don't worry about attendance ... next year will be bigger and even better once the word gets out about your show and fund raiser. It sounds like you combined many of the arts into one fun event Congrats to your committee Marg.