Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, I truly don't know where to begin as it's been three weeks since I posted anything on my blog. Why, you may ask? Well, I have been very busy and quite frankly I'm still dealing with my health issues. Although, I'm getting better, I'm still struggling with days it's a struggle to breathe normally. It's apparent, I need to find my own way to deal with a new lifestyle that is foreign to me. Because of the breathing problems, it takes me much longer to get things accomplished and I get tired much more quickly. The more difficult days are impossible to predict at this moment.... with no rhyme or reason as to why.
Because the time elapsed is so long, I will just highlight the main events that occured.

Let me begin where I left off and that is with the work done for my niece's wedding. The DIY wedding may save some money, but if for sure couldn't happen without a lot of hard work from the bride, the groom, parents, friends and family members. It was a very different setting for a wedding. It's called Wychwood (The Stop) now, but used to be the old transit barns for the buses and streetcars. On Saturdays, it begins with a market which does not end until 1:00 PM. Therefore, we could not begin to set everything up for the wedding until all the market vendors had left. We then had to clean the areas and begin setting tables, chairs, dishes, etc. etc. up. By the time that was accomplished, we all only had time to get back to the hotel, shower quickly, change and get back to the venue for 5:30PM. We managed to do it!
The wedding was short, and very unique, but oh so my niece, Kelly. They said short vows and then read letters to each other stating why they were taking each other as partners. The letters were then put in a wooden box (made by her Dad) along with a bottle of wine and they each took turns hammering nails in the lid to seal. The plan is not to open until their 25th wedding anniversary OR the first time they feel their relationship might be threatened. If so, they will open, re-read their letters and remind themselves why they pledged a commitment to each other.
Kelly did not where your typical wedding dress by any means...nothing too traditional for her. Her dress was made by a Toronto designer that she does sample modelling for and has done for a few years now.
The food was planned by the groom and a friend of his who owns a restaurant in Montreal. I must say, it's probably the best wedding food I've ever had and I'm not alone in that comment. Absolutely delicious! Many helped them pull this off and it was quite enjoyable.
An added bonus for me, was my grandaughter and my youngest daughter attended so got some really special time with both Lindsay and my little sweet pea, Maggie.
Sunday morning, some family members went over to Kelly and Nate's for a breakfast/brunch.

I will try to do another post tomorrow to give an update on the first of a sequence of art shows I'm doing in September. This weekend was the first one. This was Artisan's and Arpeggio's. I was part of the committee organizing this one and it was a great day...more on this tomorrow.

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