Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well, it's been some time once again since I posted on my blog. I'm not quite sure why I've gotten out of the rhythm, but I have. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I just haven't felt 100% and the other part, I believe, is struggling with the direction I want to go moving forward. It's been a crazy time with art shows scheduled for the past few weekends. All of that takes extra planning time, design time and the sheer logistics of getting things organized to take to a show. I did the Art in the Park for Artsweek of Peterborough, which ended up being a total waste of time. All day, outside, and only sold one item all day. Last weekend was kind of fun. I entered a juried art show affiliated with the All Canadian Jazz Festival in Port Hope, Ontario. It was an interesting premise for the artists. It was called the Square Foot Show. Every piece of art could measure no more than one square foot, be it photography, painting, 3 Dimensional, whatever. I did not need to be present for entire weekend. I just dropped my art off and they had people who hung all the pieces neatly lined up on display. On Sunday, when I went back to retrieve my pieces, I decided to take in some of the jazz festival and then pick up my art. I so enjoyed the jazz I heard.... some wonderful Canadian jazz musicians. For this show, there were two prizes handed out as well as the chance to sell one's art. The first was a Critics Choice award and the second was the People's Choice award. I found out I just missed out on the People's Choice award by two votes...rats! It would have been great as there was a $250.00 cash prize included. Oh well, c'est la vie! The money would have been great, but I was encouraged that I was in the running at all. The art piece that won, was an oil painting. Each time I enter or participate in these shows convinces me to stick with what I love and eventually, eventually it will pay off financially and in recognition. I chuckled to myself driving home from town today, thinking, oh my gosh, I hope I'm not one of those artists that becomes famous after they are dead! Wow, now that's some weird thinking AND that would really kind of suck!
Sunday night, one of my cousins invited us to attend a concert at Showplace, to see a group of women called 'The Marigolds' It was so great seeing these Canadian women who are singers and songwriters up close and personal in an intimate venue. Each is acclaimed in their own right, but together they make great music. Here is just a sample of their talents.......

An interesting bit of trivia....The name 'The Marigolds' came from the Sesame Street song 'Inchworm'. You can see more of their songs on YouTube.



Once in a while, an art show is a bust. Been there, done that and it almost encourages you never to do another show again but luckily you had another show planned and the Port Hope show sounds like it was a success. Congrats on coming close to the people's choice prize. That's the nicest compliment. And I like the Marigolds.

Marg Hamilton said...

Thanks, Meg! I think you are my number one fan. Certainly the most faithful fan!
I hope I can find my way clear to come your way before the snow and meet and visit.