Friday, October 29, 2010

A DREAM FULFILLED.............

Well, it's a wonderful feeling to help someone fulfill a dream! Myself and many friends and family gave my brother enough birthday money for a long time dream of his to come true. No one understands how really special this is for my brother. He may not have a lot, but he will ALWAYS give up something he might want if he feels his wife or daughter want something. He is a man with minimal needs and wants and rarely declares his own wish list.

Since he had a particular picture of a kayak posted for years in his workshop,I finally asked him about it. I realized this was a wish and hope he thought he might eventually realize. Well, the friends and family that love and respect him helped speed the process up. I say thank you to all of those special dreamakers. He received enough money to purchase the exact kayak in the picture, the kayak paddle, and a skirt for the kayak. He's just a little short to purchase the special kayak life jacket. I think his wife and daughter and son-in-law will provide that as a Christmas gift.

Our weather has been quite unseasonably warm up until today, so he's managed to go kayaking at least three times. He's ecstatic! I believe kayaking has beat out canoeing as his new favourite thing to do by himself and for himself. He has also spent time building a winter rack for the kayak.

You SO deserve this gift, Den! Enjoy it, every chance you get! Love you lots!!

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What a wonderful posting about making a special person's dream come true. I would imagine the thrill of giving this special gift was equal to your brother's receiving it. It will be a day few of you will forget .... Den is lucky to have such angels in his life.