Friday, October 15, 2010


AGAIN, I haven't posted in some time!!! What's up with that? Well, my title says it all. I am most definitely in a funk! There are SO many reasons why, which I can't or won't elaborate on at this time. What I do know is, I need to snap out of it! I will continue to work on it, but this time I'm struggling.

One of the bright spots for me in the past couple of weeks was being able to throw a surprise 60th birthday party for my brother. He is truly one of the few good guys on this earth and it was REALLY important to me to do this for him. There were about 45 people that were able to make it a very special night for him. As well as the overall surprise, some neighbours they had a long time ago in the Toronto area made it, our mutual friends from Ohio made it and his daughter and new son-in-law made it. My brother, Den, has always been unselfish, kind and willing to give to the best of his ability. He has rarely asked for or expected anything from anybody. I felt it was time he knew how much he is appreciated for who he is and how much people care about and for him. It worked in spades! He was very choked up by the love and kindness shown to him.

He has had a picture of a kayak posted up in his workshop for, I believe, 5 years or more and when I asked him quite some time ago what the picture meant, he said it was one of his dreams to own one some day. Well, with the generosity of so many friends and family we were able to give him his dream. He received enough money to buy the exact kayak he had in the picture, the paddle, the skirt and still has almost enough to purchase the specific life jacket needed for kayaking. He's actually had a chance to go out on the lakes near him three times so far because the weather has been so great.

I am posting a few of the party pics, but must add a disclaimer that the photos are courtesy of our friend Deb from Ohio. Thanks, Deb!
Also, below is a pic of a special treat Deb had made for a giveaway for the guests. It's a chocolate bar with a personalized wrapper of Den many moons ago! How cute, the idea, and how cute is that little boy!!

The next morning myself and our Ohio friends, Deb and Doc went to have coffee with Den and Bette as Den was about to turn the tables on Doc. He had made Doc a custom electric guitar and wanted to present it to Doc. Doc was so surprised and almost speechless with my brother's gesture and hard work!

I need to say 'Thank you' so much to all the friends and family that contributed to Den's birthday and helping out with food as well. It was a success, for sure!

Another happy event was the celebration of my grandaughter's third birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn't be in Princeton, but with the help of Skype, I got to see her open her birthday gift from us. She is just too cute for words! Happy Birthday, Mags!

I'm trying to get back to full health without a lot of success, so decided to 'shut down' for the most part until the end of the month hoping just some R & R will do the trick. I have an unbelievably busy month of November with three shows, three weekends in a row. Each show runs the entire weekend so some long hours ahead. I really hope they generate some income for me! To quote a friend of ours from Tennessee, " I'm so broke, I can't even pay attention!"

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