Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm deviating from my usual Etsy shop features this time.
I have a friend that is an amazing artist in her own right. What she does takes patience, talent, a steady hand, and amazing creativity!

Art Flies are an exciting art form based on the hand-tied fishing fly. The feathers come from various exotic birds that moult. These flies are strictly for the 'art' collector and not to be used in actual fishing.

What a great gift for the fishing fanatic that has everything he/she needs to fish, but would love to acknowlege their love of fishing in a more artistic way.
Each art fly is one of a kind.

These could be purchased for a special loved one, a corporate gift for retirement or achievement, a competition award or just because you love the work these represent.

She frames them in many different styles, but I especially love the ones in the shape of triangles with wood frame on three sides and then enclosed in glass. If two of these were purchased, they'd make beautiful book ends for a den, library, or an office.

These have been purchased in the past by people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Africa. Currently, one particular Art-Fly graces the Canadian Parliament Building.

For the triangle ones, she has the capability to have them laser engraved with a name, a company logo, or a tribute with date to signify the occasion.

Wouldn't one of these be a great Christmas gift for the fishing addict in your life?

If you would like one for a Christmas gift, please leave me a comment and how you can be contacted and I will have my friend contact you.

She is indeed the struggling artist at the moment and so deserves to have her 'art' out there for people to really appreciate.


Wendy said...

Love the blog ....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Wendy. I really appreciate the encouraging words!