Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well, I'm slowly recuperating from the three day Christmas Show and Sale. Although this local show has been taking place for years, it was the first time I've participated.
I'm learning how much work it is to get stuff made for a show, packing up and unpacking, designing a booth, and dressing appropriately for a show. This particular show is done in our Memorial Centre, which is also the Juniour A hockey home. SO, for the show they put down plywood over the ice. Let me tell you, that you had better wear warm socks and footwear especially. After 5 - 8 hours, it really can feel quite cold.
As far as the sale itself, there were some really wonderfully talented vendors and everyone for the most part is very supportive of each other.
Sales wise, I did OK. I sold just under half of my glass blocks and only a few of my plates. Other vendors who've been at previous shows said the same. They did OK, but felt the economy and the fact we had unseasonably warm weather kept people away.
I had a few people take my business cards with an interest to order custom blocks. I'm not sure if that will take place but we'll see.
I was incredibly, incredibly tired at the end. By the time I got home and then unpacked everything, I was in bed by around 10:15 pm. Anyone that knows me, knows that's unheard of for me!

Unfortunately, I had to get up really early Monday to drive to Mississauga for two separate doctor's appointments. Tired is becoming my middle name!
I did manage to have dinner with a friend who is going through a lot. Her husband, sadly, died from colon cancer two years ago that spread all through his body and left her with a company to run, etc. etc.

I've been making more plates this week to take to a sale I'm participating in on Nov. 21st in Mississauga. Since I didn't sell all my glass blocks, I don't need to make any more.

Yesterday and today, I've been cooking as well. I made a huge amount of chili and today made a very large pot of chicken soup for the weekend.

We are having guests this weekend from Australia. She is the daughter of one of my best friends that also died of colon cancer 11 years ago on November 9th. I still miss her quite often. Her oldest daughter married an Australian and they are on an extended tour of Canada for the next year or so. I have never met her children and I'm so looking forward to seeing her and her family.

The next few weeks are so busy for me but it's all good.

I can't end this blog without acknowledging all of the armed forces personnel who have fought and died in the past and most recently. We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. Many of my relatives, including my father, fought in WWII, my father-in-law in WWI and most recently for me, my nephew has completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Thank you to those I know and those I don't know. You are appreciated!

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