Sunday, November 29, 2009


Three days of fun ahead and I'm SO looking forward to it! Four of my girl cousins and myself are leaving in the morning and driving to Watertown, NY to spend a few days just doing what we want to do, when we want to do it.
We are all staying in one hotel room (with cots)which is always good for many a laugh. I was kidding with a friend of mine today, that maybe I should bring extra underwear or Depends as we (the cousins and myself) have some sort of genetic issue that causes us to possibly have a 'wee' accident when we get laughing too hard. Trust me, we have all done it at one time or another. Sometimes it's the stupidist thing that will set all of us off. Sometimes, it's just the sheer fact that we're free of resposibilities and other issues in our lives, which allows us to truly forget and just have fun for the time alloted. CAN'T WAIT! Some are on a serious shopping mission as well. Me, not so much. I've pretty well finished what shopping I plan to do for this year. You never know though, there may be a treasure or two I must have.

My grandson is having an absolute blast at Disneyworld in Florida. He has almost a week there with his Mommy and Daddy doing lots and lots of special stuff. I've heard about his meeting with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and the two main characters from Toy Story. Today, he opted to stay around the hotel pool rather than the Animal Kingdom. He will have such wonderful memories. He was five years old last week. I remember when we took his Mommy and her sister( approximately around his age). I think that and a few other 'events' we took his Mom to gave her the love of music, theatre, movies, etc. In some ways, she is still that little girl with the same enthusiasm and excitement as she had the first time round. I love to see that excitement at any age.

I'm wondering how much my decorated tree brought at the live auction for the Festival of Trees. They will publish winners of the raffled trees, but not sure if they publish who won the auction bids and for how much. I'd love to know.

The day after I get back from Watertown, I have another craft show to do and that will be it for this year. I sure hope I do better than the last disaster!

Well, still have a few things to get done before I leave, so I better get going. I actually manicured my nails for the first time in a long time. It's kind of fun to dress up a notch for this trip. I've been so busy doing glass blocks and plates, my hands have been ignored.

We have yet to get any snow, so I'm hoping it stays that way until we get back. I must admit, however, that I love fresh snowfall Christmas eve and Christmas Day.


Priscilla Mae et al said...

Have fun in Watertown and dress up to the nines. Good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Aaahh! Thanks, Meg. I SO needed this time away..just got back tonight refreshed, regrouped, and ready to go again. So much fun and many, many laughs.