Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Although I spent the entire day in my PJ's, I got a lot accomplished today. This is the first day I've intentionally not gone in to workout. My personal trainer resigned and I'm waiting to hear which of the other trainers will take over. I went to bed tired and woke up tired, so decided I'd just work at my own pace without any pressure. It was perfect timing, as it poured rain here most of the day.

Well, I managed to clean my house as we have guests arriving tomorrow afternoon from British Columbia. They used to be our neighbours here in Keene and while living here, we had SO much fun! We will play euchre and poker, for sure! Oh yes, there might even be a few drinks, as well.

I finished the custom ordered plate and will deliver some time over the weekend.

I go back to Warkworth tomorrow to deliver four plates to a shop there. She's going to try four on for me!

A well paced, pleasant day!

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