Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A WEIRD WEEK..........

Well, it's been almost a week since I've posted anything. I must admit that this past weekend, I allowed myself some time to just 'veg' out and do a bit of reading. I did attend a seminar on Saturday morning that was interesting. It was by a woman who was originally from British Columbia, but now lives in Chatham, Ontario. Her story is very impressive. You can learn about her if you go to

I did a bit of gardening, but it was WAY too hot and humid to stay out for very long. I finally turned the central air conditioning on! We so needed rain! Fortunately, it's been raining since about 4PM and we can only hope it continues all night. Our plants, our grass are quite pitiful. We have a well, so really can't risk setting up sprinklers. The only thing that seems to be thriving are the weeds!

Monday, I finally had my throat surgery. Not as easy this time! This is the second vellecula cyst I've had to have removed from my throat. They tell me there's no rhyme or reason why people get them. Trust me, they are very annoying. You constantly feel like you have a peanut or something caught in your throat. I constantly clear my throat and cough a lot. Right now, I'm still pretty sore, but each day is getting better.

Tomorrow, I go see a shop owner in Warkworth to show her some of my plates. I sure hope she likes them well enough to purchase wholesale or take in on consignment.! From there I'm heading to Brockville for the rest of the day and overnight. I will be returning with a great treadmill my friends are giving me. Yeah!

Since I felt kind of lousy yesterday, I did some computer work. I was referred to a company called Vista Print and spent about an hour on the phone with them. They walked me through a complete design of a 'Maggie's Studio' set up for a marketing card I can hand out. I'm really excited about it! My 'rack cards' will arrive in about a week!

I also have a custom order for a plate to complete within the next week.

We also have friends arriving for a couple of days from British Columbia. They used to be our neighbours here. They are SO much fun! They usually trek back to Ontario for a couple of weeks and do their tour of family and friends. Hmmm, better get my house cleaned as well!

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