Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, since just after my throat surgery, I picked up what I thought was a summer cold. Apparently, it's some type of viral problem in my throat. I cough 24/7 and yet my lungs,ears, and glands are fine. I've been to two doctors and both have told me not to work out anymore until this is cleared up. I'm not sleeping properly, and I'm tired. I am pushing to get things accomplished, when I'd really rather just lay down.
SO, I guess I better do what I've been told. After all, since I hadn't lost any weight anyway, I'm not going to sabotage any of my efforts thus far.

I'm working on getting photos printed and framed this week for the first of three juried art shows I'm entering. I finally found someone who will do the matting and framing at a more reasonable price than Michael's. Unfortunately, when you enter juried shows, they require proper professional framing. You just can't go buy a ready-made frame and put your photo in and be done with,no.

I have edited many things in my house and have now posted some stuff on Kijiji for sale. I'm hoping this will help my 'Get a new camera' fund. I also had some fairly valuable jewelry which I have now put on consignment at a high end jewelry store in town. Fingers crossed! Maybe, just maybe, this will move me closer to my new Canon DSLR camera.

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I'm so sorry that you are having some health problems. I had a similar (I think) thing about 10 years ago. I too couldn't stop coughing and cracked 2 ribs. So, your doctor is right. Take it easy and you'll be back swinging in no time.
Hope all goes well with your show. We are both saving for a new camera. Always good to have a little carrot dangling in front of you.