Sunday, January 29, 2012


I really love living where we get four seasons. Today, was one of those days, especially.
I just woke up this morning to very large snowflakes coming down and over the next few hours it accumulated so beautifully. It was the kind of snow that's slightly damp, so it sticks to the trees and paints such a beautiful landscape. If I hadn't had so much to get accomplished today, it's the kind of snow I love to go for a walk. Although, yes, it's cold enough to snow, it somehow gives off a warm and sheltered feeling.
Grant it, it's not the best for driving in, especially if the snowploughs aren't out right away to clear the roads. My husband drives limousine and he did have to go out later in the day, but he said the roads were pretty good by that time.
Me, I love looking out our picture window and just watching it fall. The little chickadees were busy eating from the feeders and seemed completely oblivious of whatever the weather.
A few hours later it had warmed up more and already that picturesque scene had started to melt away....sigh!
Overall, we've had a very easy winter to date. I would love a few more days of that soft, large, flaky snowfall before the spring comes.
There is something romantic about the snow. I want to get out next time and photograph like crazy.
Got to the love the great white north....I know, I do.
I have a shop on Etsy and for the first time did, what they call a 'treasury' today. You promote other artists work that you admire. I called mine 'GREAT WHITE NORTH WINTERS'. I'm including just a couple of the wonderful Canadian photographer's pieces of winter I featured in my treasury. Is this not beautiful photography? Is winter not just so beautiful!


Jeannette Loney

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Winter is beautiful and your photos caught all the beautiful magic.