Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well, my cousins and I returned last Wednesday night with a lot of shopping, a lot of talking and a lot of laughing under our belts. It was SO much fun, we're now talking about making it an annual event....better get saving for the next one!
I finally got our annual newsletter finished, cards all addressed and the last of them mailed out today...yeah!
Since I've returned, I know I've been very busy and very tired. I'm not even sure at this point exactly what I've been busy doing,except I've been going pretty much non-stop.
When I returned, I had many, many emails to answer,which finally got finished today. We needed a few groceries and I had just a bit of last minute Christmas shopping to get out of the way.... done!!
Yesterday, I went to the Tea Room and traded out my floral plates with 10 Christmas plates. I decided to put them there instead of posting them on Etsy. Although, many people leave wonderful comments about my decoupage plates, no one seems to purchase them. I think it might have something to do with the fact that Canada Post charges SO much to ship! Not sure, however.
I was up early this morning to attend our local Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I joined to represent my event planning business. There was a huge crowd there which is great for networking. I definitely went about the start up of this business all wrong. I should have done a complete business plan prior to registering the company with our government. Live some...learn some...hopefully! I will just go about a business plan which is a fairly instense process. It's better late than never. I'm going to attend a workshop in April to learn more about running a local business.
Tonight I'll wrap my grandchildren's stocking stuffers and get them shipped off. I still haven't finished the heirloom stocking for my grandaughter so will ship it separately. I'm having some difficulty getting this stocking finished. Three years ago, I made each of my immediate family members their own heirloom stocking. The stockings are very large and made from upholstery fabrics and heavy satin linings..definitely won't consider making and selling these as they are expensive to make and VERY labour intensive! If there are more grandchildren in the future, I will make a stocking for them as well. These stockings will last for years and years.

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