Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, another Christmas has come and gone. It amazes me how quickly it passes considering all the planning, shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping etc. etc. Too bad we can't 'DVR or TIVO' the moments to review a few times and really get to take it all in and appreciate.
It was indeed a different Christmas for us without our daughters, sons-in-laws and grandchildren. Having said that, we've managed a couple of webcam(Skype) episodes with both the grandchildren. A different kind of Christmas, indeed!
We drove to Toronto Christmas Eve day and brought my girlfriend's mother with us as well. They always have their celebrations and dinner on Christmas Eve. My friend always does a wonderful job of preparing both the food and the atmosphere in her beautiful home. She had the house decorated beautifully and with a simple, classic and inviting mood. The table was set so elegantly!
We then came home Christmas Day morning. We had received news that my Uncle was taken to the hospital and may not make it through the day. With that news, we showered, changed and then went to be at the hospital with my aunt and the grown children. He was SO thin! They had started to give him morphine to help with pain, breathing and to get him some sleep. As of this writing, I'm still not sure how he is as there's no answer at the home.
We then went out to my brother and sister-in-laws in Buckhorn, Ontario. They have a really nice piece of property with a cozy log home and a little stream running through the property. My niece and her fiance were home so had the opportunity to catch up on their news. I contributed the salad, the rum and eggnog and the Christmas pudding and sauce. My sister-in-law did a wonderful job of putting a delicious dinner on for us to enjoy!
Today, I have been so tired and feeling so 'beat up' as it were. I had a wee nap and I'm STILL so tired. It will definitely be an early night!
I'll use the rest of this week to take down decorations, and begin to organize and purge stuff in my craft room.
My brain seems to be in overdrive with SO many decisions I'll need to make within the next couple of weeks. I'm struggling with what my focus should be for the upcoming year.
For me, although it's hard to see time zoom by, I'll personally be SO happy to see this year end. I pray that 2010 will be different and more positive for me personally. 2009 was not one of my happier years!

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