Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, it is now officially winter! It's quite cold here, but we haven't had any snow for over a week now. Everything left on the ground is now frozen rock solid. It makes for some interesting maneuvering on both the roadways and the streets...better have really good balance.
The good thing about today is from here on in the days start to get longer again. I actually like fresh fallen snow but I like longer days full of sunlight much more. Sitting on a beach at Christmas, isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I spent the entire day, yesterday cleaning my house from top to bottom. I started at around 10am and finished around around 7pm. I must admit that it takes me longer to do these tasks than it used to, but I still can manage. My bones and muscles feel it but in a day or two, I'm back to normal.

I think I'll try doing a little baking tomorrow, but the operative word is 'little'.
Maybe I'll make some shortbread, ginger cookies and this delicious 'bark' that is my daughter's recipe. I think the actual name is 'Tutts Toffee'..........yummmmm!!

The 23rd of December is an annual event for my family. It's an open invitation to one of my cousins homes where we all get to catch up and eat and drink and have a few laughs....Did I mention the eating and drinking part? Last year there were about 80 of us there. My husband and I will pick up my nephew and his daughter and take them as well. Before the evening of fun, I've decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure. I LOVE, LOVE mani and pedi's!!!

I look forward to seeing some family over the holidays and really hope to connect with my girls and their families. My youngest daughter called on Sunday and suggested we get on webcam to watch my grandaughter open her 'stocking stuffers' while we watched. It was such fun seeing what little gifts she gravitated towards and the excitement in her eyes and her cute! I recall both my girls getting so excited. They too, used to love the stocking stuffers more than the big gift. When my girls were little, little, I wrapped every single stocking stuffer and would allow them to open those gifts BEFORE they would come and wake us up. It worked for a couple of years but then we wanted to be part of the celebration as well. The girls knew I wasn't too civil until my first cup of coffee and my first cigarette. They got very good at making coffee even though it didn't appeal to their palettes. They just wanted Mom up and alert...ready to get Christmas started! I have SO many great memories of my girls and holiday traditions...(grinning with pleasure).

As many of us are so blessed, I hope each one of us takes the time to personally do something nice for someone having a tough time right now.

It's also my sister-in-law's birthday today and called to give her best wishes.

Merry Christmas to all!

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