Friday, July 2, 2010

CONTEST OVER............

Well, my contest ended up confusing the people who decided to participate. It ended up only three people wanted to win a signed, framed, photo.
Since I messed up the explanation and there were only three people who entered, I've decided all three will get their choice framed as a 4 X 6 framed to a 5 X 7. It will take me a week approximately to get them framed and then handed out.

Here were the picks and why:

I love "Absent." The colors, the textures, the composition are all wonderful. It's the pop of red. It's simply the pop of red against the gray that attracts me to this photograph and keeps me there. Meg Mitchell (PRISCILLAMAEetal)

Lonesome is my favorite..It draws me to it!..LV the calm silence...beautiful.. Teresa Mailath

As soon as I saw The Three Sisters, I got goose bumps. I am sure I have stood at the same spot from where you took that shot. Unbelieveable...To me those mountains truly are "The Power and The Glory." – Robert McFarland

Thank you to the three of you. Next contest, I'll try to be less complicated.

Well, on a different note, it's been a really crappy week, healthwise. This cough I've had just won't let up. I finally ended up going to Emergency today and after four hours, they are pretty sure I've got early stage pertussis (whooping cough). I'd hate to think it could get worse! It's a brutally dry cough and now my ribs are bruised and 'oh, so tender!'. I finally received some relief in the form of various drugs. I'm not a drug taker per se, but let me tell you, I'm really happy to have these prescriptions. I'm on anti-biotic for the irritation it's caused in my throat due to the surgery and then the aggravation of the cough, prednisone to help stop the coughing, tylenol three with codiene for the pain and overall discomfort from all the coughing, AND special inhaler to help slow down and stop my coughing as well.
This time, I'm a willing patient!

Today, I heard I was not selected for one of the juried art shows I applied for in August. That's OK! This was a really big contest that covered ALL of Southern Ontario. I was given a ticket for the show, however, and I will definitely attend to see what was chosen. I'm just starting this type of thing and can't expect to make it into all of them. I will certainly get some opinions on my work in order to learn from the process. I must always keep in mind as my framer told me, art is so subjective that you do what you do primarily for yourself and hope others out in the great big world like it also. He's a painter as well as a framer.

Well, back to get some rest!


I actually missed one person's choice and comments...sorry, Linda.
You, too, will get your photo choice framed and I apologize for leaving you out of the initial post.....definitely a senior moment!

I like this one because it's purple :-) and pretty. See how so NOT deep I can be about these things? I am just that simple, on some level. And allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the people (mostly men) who are baffled by me and think I am oh-so-deep and complicated just aren't paying attention.... Linda Faigen

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Oh my goodness ..... what a lovely surprise... I do love that photograph. But take your time Marg ... I can always go online and see it and still be thrilled.
Sorry about the show ... that just means something better is coming your way. Just wait and see.