Friday, May 28, 2010

CATCH UP MODE.......!!!!

Wow, I'm definitely in catch up mode!
Our dear friend, Shirl, left last night to go home to England. It was SO great getting almost two weeks to spend time with her here. In April, I got to visit with her for a couple of days at my youngest daughter's in Princeton.
This was the first time Shirl had come in nice weather, so we were able to do so much more and see so much more!

I took her all over the place and she got to see a lot of my family as well. I think she had a really good time. We took her on the liftlock boat cruise as Peterborough has the highest lift locks in the world. It is very weird to be in a boat on water and have it lift up approx. 70 feet in order to get to the next lock system.It's something to experience, for sure.

I also took her to Gallery of the Lake, which is a beautiful art gallery in Buckhorn set back in the woods right on the Lake. She purchased a beautiful piece of jewellry for herself from a wonderful artist.

I now have a lot to do. I began by responding to many emails that needed a reply and managed to get that caught up last night. I'm hopefully going back to Warkworth next week to show some of my plates to a shop there. Hopefully, she'll like my work well enough to purchase some pieces or let me show on consignment. There is a new art gallery in Peterborough and I'd like to get some of my photography in there for a period of time. I need to replace my photography at our local Tea Room to encourage some new interest.

Monday I have throat surgery. It's no real big deal. I've had this surgery two years ago and it went fine. Let's hope it goes as well this time.

I also have to go to Brockville to visit with some friends. They sold their beautiful home on the St. Lawrence river and are beginning a new adventure. They've purchased a motorhome and will spend the winters travelling wherever the wind takes them. They are editing their belongings and I've been offered their treadmill...yeah!
We will do a trade for some of my works down the road. Happy, happy! They close the sale on June 15th and they want stuff picked up by the end of next week. It's a win, win for me. I get a treadmill and get to visit with some old and dear friends for a little while.

Busy, busy!

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