Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have some serious deadlines to meet for a number of things. So for the next three to four days I'm going to have to 'lock' myself away to get them done. I have a shadow box to get finished for my friend in Ohio, two custom plates to get done by end of next week, and I need to get at least three more plates completed for my webstore. I also have some new photography to do geared to the Tea Room.
In addition there is some herbs that need to get planted before they outgrow the containers they are in and get root bound.
I've been so busy with the Tea Room consignment.
Over the past two weeks I've had five medical appointments and numerous tests to get out of the way. Next week I've got a dental appointment to fix a tooth that bonding came off so I presently have some of the nerve exposed...not a lot of fun!
Today, I realized I may have another potential crisis. My camera has begun doing some really funky things. I'm praying it's fixable. Tonight, there was momentary panic as I couldn't remember where my receipt was located. I'd purchased the extended warranty and boy am I glad I did! When I finally found the receipt, my extended warranty doesn't run out until September this year. Whew! Monday I'll have to take it back and see what can be done.
This afternoon my husband and I planted new mini grasses along the garden edge by the driveway and we planted five creeping junipers between the sumac bushes we planted on the hill. Our goal is to get the entire hill covered so it doesn't need to be mowed anymore. That's tough work when you're working on a slant and digging up sod!
For most of the weekend, I'll be making a serious attempt to get all these tasks completed. Sunday, however, we're going to Lindsay to meet the daughter of my friend that died over ten years ago. She now has three children of her own, so we'll meet her family for coffee. Afterward, we have tickets to go on a garden tour of some homes in Peterborough. I'm really anxious to see what other people do with their gardens. Should be fun!
Then, back to work!

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