Monday, June 1, 2009


This has been a busy day and I'm still not finished! I'm printing different sizes of my photos and then the task of getting them matted, titled, signed, and put in cellophane envelopes. I only got about half finished and hopefully will finish tomorrow. I still need to price them, inventory them, and attach a business card.
I'm framing approximately eight pieces to be hung. These are for a local Tea Room where my work will be on consignment. I'm excited and yet a bit anxious. I now have a lot of money tied up in the prints, supplies, etc. so I hope this arrangement will be good for both the Tea Room owner and myself.
I have my shops on Etsy, but I've realized I need to get more exposure locally and begin to make a name for myself in my home area. I'm hoping to slowly get some of my photography in a few local galleries as well.
I truly feel this is something I'm meant to do and I finally have a passion that I will not give up. I appreciate there are many, many photographers out there, but I only need to find a few well placed venues to sell my photography. Local is good, too! My heart is telling me to keep moving forward and not to give up before I've really give this a decent effort.

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