Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tuesday evening my husband's woodturning guild had their end of the year meeting and this year the wives were included. We went to dinner first with the outgoing President and the two judges invited from Toronto to judge the pieces each of the woodturner's submitted. Some of the items were on particular tables for the wives to pick our favourites and hand out small ribbons for first and second in various categories. There were bowls, spindle, useful, decorative, innovative, etc. I must say there were so many beautiful, amazing pieces!
The judges from Toronto judged the special pieces each turner submitted for the major contest.
WELL, it was my husband's night. First, he was elected the new President and then in the novice bowl category the judges awarded him first place. He was SO excited about that as he had worked so hard on this particular bowl both for style and the finishing.
At the end of the evening, the judges picked the best overall entry of the entire show and my husband was SO shocked when it was announced his bowl won 'BEST in Show'!
His piece won over approximately 65 - 75 pieces submitted. No one was more surprised than my husband.Good for him! Having won however, he can no longer enter contests under the 'novice' category as he's now considered 'Intermediate' The levels are based on the number of ribbons you receive. He had a ribbon from before and only is allowed three ribbons in novice level.

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