Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, I've been slacking off when it comes to my blog as I really had some deadlines that took priority. I had a few personal committments that needed to be dealt with as well. I'm making progress, however. I have the shadow box finished, I have one plate finished and one will be finished by tonight. I doubt I'll get any extra plates made, but that's OK.
Yesterday, I spent some time helping my girlfriend's mother with a few errands.
All of us have those situations at times, when we overplan. You start with a list and as you check one thing off, you add two plus more. Well, I'm experiencing that type of thing at the moment.
The countdown is on for our vacation and I'm really looking forward to it!! My brother and my sister-in-law are coming with us and I'm SO happy about that. They haven't had a 'vacation' in years.We always manage to have a few giggles when we're together. Our friends in Ohio have a fairly busy itinerary for us, but all fun stuff. They all are teasing me as they're all morning people and I am not. They are being really good sports and telling me I'll get to sleep until 8 am. Wow!

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