Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well yesterday was the hottest day of the year, so far, in this neck of the woods. My task from about 2 pm. until 6:30 pm was to photograph a wedding which was held outside at a golf course...HOT!!! One saving grace was the course is kind of at the top of a hill and near Lake Ontario, so there was at least some breeze. I felt most sorry for the groom and his party as they were dressed in black pants, black long sleeve shirts, red vests and jackets...whew! Oh yeah, they wore top hats as well.
All in all, the day went rather smoothly. I was quite nervous as I've never done this type of photography before and was totally aware all day, how important this type of assignment is to the couple. I hope they won't be disappointed!
The ceremony was short but very poignant. Her son stood and mouthed all the words to their vows...very touching.
The bride looked absolutely beautiful and once we got the standard family photos out of the way, we went out with a golf cart and took some 'fun' pictures of just the bride and groom. It will give her more of the shots she wanted and it gave them some quiet down time as well. They are really cute together and I really wish them the best. They are now off on a week's honeymoon fishing and some R & R. Best wishes!

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