Sunday, August 30, 2009


Crazy week!
I realized when we went to Buffalo that my passport was due to expire. I couldn't apply for my new one until that visit was out of the way. Tuesday, I got up early and went and had passport photos done (gosh, they sure don't compliment one)and then drove to Whitby, Ontario to apply directly at the passport office. Fortunately, it wasn't busy so got to an agent right away. After the application was approved I agreed to pay extra to have a rush put on it and now I can drive back up to get my new passort on September 10th.
I'm going to North Carolina on September 19th to spend a few days with my family down there so really needed it. My daughter has her birthday on the 17th, so we'll celebrate a couple of days late.
My husband was suppose to go to Boston area for a meeting, but when he got to the border, he was turned back as they said he needed a special visa to go down as a consultant. There's no point in creating any kind of issue because you will lose. So now he has to see about getting this special visa....oh, well.
I had all kinds of errands to do this week. I peeled and bagged 15 quarts of Ontario peaches. They taste SO good come winter time! Lots of work, but worth it.
My priority, however, was to complete the editing on the wedding photos and get the DVD burned to give to the bride and groom. I was so, so anxious about this! I learned a whole lot about that type of photography, but the main thing I learned is to have a better camera! I am now saving to buy a really good SLR...probably a Canon or a Nikon.
I was SO nervous when I handed over the DVD and waited to see what the feedback was after they had a chance to look at all the photos.
When I received an email from the bride stating most of the photos were exactly what she was looking for, you can imagine my relief. I know I could have done better, however, I felt out of 460 photos, she'd find some she and her husband would like and be able to put a nice album together. This couple was so great to have such faith in me and I appreciate that very much. I played with one particular photo of the bride and kind of turned it into a 'Warhol' type print....she loved it!
Saturday, I went to my friend who owns the B & B (Aye Lighthouse at Gore's Landing) for what she chose to call a 'Girl-Fest'. It was really great! There were approximately 35 women there and it's so interesting meeting new people and finding out about their lives. We had an opportunity to be 'read' by a to say the least. I've never done anything like that before and it certainly makes you wonder.
Unfortunately, I had to leave early. Sadly, I got news that one of my aunts had passed away. It's tough, when you know these family members are at the age now when it's inevitable, and yet still so sad. Her funeral isn't until Wednesday and then the family is having a get together at my cousin's house afterward. This coming week, I truly hope to get caught up on other projects. Our gardens look so pitiful. I want to buy more bulbs to plant as well.
I need to start posting more photos in my Etsy shop and iCraft. It all takes blocks of time that I haven't had recently.
Well, let's hope it's a productive week.
Just as I do an favourite Etsy shop owner once a week, I'm thinking of posting a favourite recipe once a week...hmmm, we'll see.

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