Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Art2ArtColorado..........My first personal favourite featured Etsy artist..!!

As promised last month, this is the first of many Etsy artists I hope to feature on this blog. I just LOVE this woman's work! I'm drawn to the colour, the variety, the subject matter and her unique style(s). I especially love her digital works. I can absolutely imagine some of her pieces hanging in my home.
I really recommend that you go visit her Etsy shop as I can't possibly feature each of her pieces here. I have picked three of MY personal favourites but go and pick your favourites and let others know about this terrific artist. Her Etsy shop is:
In her own words, here is her personal profile. Please read and enjoy!

My name is Cheri and I've had a love for art my entire life. I received my degree in art in the 70's with my major emphasis in jewelry design and painting. Since then, I've studied in Mexico on two occasions, along with traveling to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Guatemala, Amsterdam & Hawaii.
I have won several awards in art and have been represented in numerous local & regional galleries & gift shops.
In 2005, I was thrilled to have an oil painting accepted into the highly-competitive Arts for the Parks International Juried Competition, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Sadly, this organization went under due to budget constraints, but I was very honored to be included with some of the very best contemporary landscape painters for a brief moment in time.
I am interested in ancient & Pre-Colombian art, iconography, symbolism, mysteries, enigmas and legends. I am drawn to earth sciences, the natural world and space exploration.
I have been involved with conservation and wildlife issues since the 1970's, with specific interest in the illegal poaching of species. I detest that animals are poached, especially as a dishonorable recreational hobby or for the sale of body parts.
I have a deep respect for modern & contemporary art and will forever defend basic human rights, women's rights, artistic freedoms and the right to be free from religious persecution & extremes.
Liars, Cheats, Crooks and General Thievery are often GREAT fodder for my more critical work. I also tackle difficult subjects such as incest, abuse, pedophilia and other crimes against women & children.
I am a native of Colorado, single and I love the Rocky Mountains. My Dad shoved me off a mountain on skis when I was two & I started riding horses when I was 2.5.
I took a year of freestyle skiing back when it was a new sport and then there was a year of running chairlifts at Keystone/A-Basin after college. I played competitive softball until I was 45 and that was when my arm fell off. I won't even go into the forest fire fighting nor the six-year Fire Dept. stint, but they were two of the most rewarding jobs I've ever had.
I feel like I deserve free stock in BenGay for all the years of loyal support.
I have a cabin in the high country where I can take my dogs and get away from it all. I love to read, fish, shoot photos, target shoot, embroider, etc.
I am not conventional nor do I live by a black or white mindset. I love taking the road less traveled. I am very grateful to have the chance to do my work without constraints and I have to say that this is the best I've felt in years!

If you'd like to take a peek into my world, photos can be found at flickr, under Art2ArtColorado.

You can also find more of my work at: (member of Artspan)

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