Sunday, September 6, 2009


This is the first week in a long time that I felt like I had a fairly even keel schedule for the week....finally, no major committments.
I started organizing the decor items I need to make my glass blocks. I've marked the drill holes and hopefully one day this week, my husband will drill them and then Ican clean them out and dry them out. I am making another 75 blocks. I also need to get about 15 - 20 plates made with fall and Christmas themes as well. The sale is the first week of November.
Wednesday was the funeral for my aunt. We had a family get together at one of my cousin's afterward, so most of the day was taken.
Finally, I've spent about 15 hours this week weeding my rock garden...whew...what a mess! Weeks of weeds have taken over so badly, you can barely see the actual plants. I'm not quite half finished and really want to get it done before I leave for North Carolina.
I was so, so happy when the girl whose wedding I did the photography for reiterated how thrilled she was with the results. She said she had printed 130 photos and still wants to do a few more. Her mother, who paid the fee, is also so pleased. I have to tell you it's such a relief. Never having done anything like that before, I was scared to take this project. It proved once again to expand one's boundaries and not let fear take over. I'm so glad I did it!
The best part of my day today was getting to do webcam with both my daughter's and their families all together. My daughter and her family from North Carolina went to spend the weekend with my daughter in New Jersey.
My grandchildren are getting very comfortable with webcam. I just love watching them grow and change.They are just too cute! Of course, I kind of biased. Two weeks yesterday, I get to see my grandson in North Carolina. I'm driving down and it takes about 15 - 16 hours. I've driven it SO many times by myself and this time of year is especially a fun drive.

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