Wednesday, September 2, 2009


On Saturday, another one of my aunts passed away. She was one of my Dad's sisters. The youngest of his sisters died 7 or 8 years ago, and now another. His last sister is now 91 years old and she will miss this sister, especially. Their whole lives they were SO close. My Dad's brother was the twin to the aunt we buried today.
I am happy she is no longer in the pain she had been having the last little while, but we all will miss her.
My girl cousins that do the cottage trip almost every year would include the three aunties who were left. Now there is only two.
I've included a couple of pictures of the three 'aunties' chillin' in the lake at the cottage. I think these pictures are SO wonderful. My cousin took these photos and I think they are priceless and deserve an award of some sort. My aunt who passed away is the one in the middle. So cute!! All of them have/had a terrific sense of humour!

It was a beautiful day and after the internment, we had two separate receptions in her honour. She loved it when the family got together. She was a very classy, quiet, and introspective lady...and I do mean lady. She had opinions, but rarely voiced them. She dressed with such class and style. She had a beautiful singing voice. She had a deep faith that got her through many trials she personally faced. BUT, there was such a cute and impish side to her. She had the sweetest grin with a hint of mischief to it and her laugh always made you laugh. She was a great mother and grandmother.
Good bye Aunt Eleanor and rest in peace. Thank you for your love, your insight and for just plain caring about all those whose lives you touched.

I pause to remember my own Mom. Her birthday is September 4th and even after 5 years since she died, I actually forget and go to phone her at times.

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