Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, it's been a crazy, crazy busy week and as you can tell, I've had no time to blog.
I had my nephew and his girlfriend here for a day over the weekend and then Monday, my husband's sister and brother-in-law arrived from Calgary. They are leaving to go visit one of their sons and his girlfriend in Cambridge tomorrow.
I, however, am leaving before they do. I'm hoping to leave no later than 6:30 am to begin my fifteen hour drive to North Carolina to spend a week with my oldest daughter, my son-in-law and my 'little man'. I talked to them tonight on webcam and my little guy wanted to make sure I really was coming.....can't wait to hang out with him for a few days. Grammie will get to do a few special things with him. We always have a 'Grammie' day when I go down. It's even more fun as he gets older to do stuff together and hopefully he'll have some good memories with his Grammie to recall when he's older.
We took our Calgary family out to eat at a really nice restaurant in Peterborough on Monday called Saporito's and they have a two for one pasta night on Mondays...really great. We took them to a wonderful, wonderful Tea Room for lunch yesterday called the 'Magic Rolling Pin'.......amazing, amazing food and ambiance. We know the owners and both were there so had a nice chat with them as well. We also went to an art Gallery called 'Gallery on the Lake' near Buckhorn, Ontario. It's set back in the woods and is on the lakeshore. A beautiful log type building with such a great selection of local artists. Oh, if I only had the money to buy a couple of pieces....sigh!
I'm so blessed as I really enjoy and love both of my sister-in-laws. We are all different in some ways and so similar in others but I believe we really appreciate each other a lot.
Well, must sign off as it's a VERY early morning and anyone that knows me knows I don't handle mornings, especially early mornings all that well.....bring on the coffee! I'll stop at the Duty Free at Fort Erie before I enter the USA and get my last Tim Horton's coffee for a week.
The drive through the mountains should be so beautiful...colours and hopefully sunny weather.

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