Friday, September 25, 2009

HOME ................

Well, I left my daughter and her family at 6 AM yesterday morning and arrived back home at 9 PM.... 15 hours driving. I'm beginning to think I'm getting too old to do that trek in one go. My body doesn't bounce back as quickly as it used to a few years ago.
The drive through the mountains was SO beautiful! Another week or two and there will be a sea of fall colours, but they had started to change colour. I really love the scenery and quite frankly love the quiet of driving by myself. It gives me time to think and evaluate.
My daughter was off on the weekend so we got some time to spend just hanging out and doing the typical weekend things she needs to get done. On the Sunday, we went in to Greensboro as her mother-in-law put on an amazing dinner for all of us. She usually cooks whatever the 'birthday' person requests as their favourite meal. We had a wonderful salad first and then absolutely pigged out on jumbo shrimp done in lots of butter, garlic and other seasonings...Delicious!!!! She made my daughter her favourite chocolate cake with a whip cream filling between layers. I'm not a sweet tooth like my daughter, but it was SO good!
Her in-laws from Roanoke came as well so it was really special to all be together.

The times I get to spend with my grandson are more and more special as he grows and I get older. At this point in time, he loves spending time with me and I'm grateful for that. I'm sure it won't always be that way, but I try to make some of our time together just his special time with his Grammie. He didn't want me to leave and that's always the hard part. We really do have fun together. He loves for his Grammie to just do silly things with him and I do ... from playing dinosaurs to singing to having a crazy bath time, it's all good. Thank goodness for webcam....miss him.

They are having a real problem with spiders this year in their area and these are really big spiders and they are leaving the biggest cobwebs everywhere. I took pictures of some of them as I've never seen such big cobwebs.....WOW!

I'm leaving Tuesday to go to spend a week with my other daughter and they will be going away for a few of those days and I'll have my little grandaughter to myself. I'm hoping that all goes well as this will be the first time her Mommy and Daddy have left her for any length of time....fingers crossed. She is getting SO cute and we will find our own special things to do. I think grandchildren should always have things to do with grandparents that make the time 'special' and 'memorable' My grandaughter will turn two years old the day after her parents get back so I'm staying to celebrate with her and then head home the next day.

October is going to be a crazy, crazy busy month. .......!!!!!!!!

October is also when we Canadians celebrate our Thanksgiving. Many of my family will be together at a camp where we all pitch in and have a great day being thankful for each other and our blessed lives. We all have our various trials and tribulations, but when you see and hear many of the struggles going on around the world, shame on us if we whine or complain!! I can't imagine living the hell on earth a large portion of the world's population have to wake up to each and every day.

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audreyscountrycrafts said...

Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away!! Can you believe it? We are still having summer weather in MB.
Those are really beautiful pictures, and thanks for the tip on apple pie filling! I usually make the apple pies, bake them then freeze them, never thought to freeze the filling in ziplocks. Will have to try that too!
Have a great weekend!