Monday, September 28, 2009


What can I say about this artist? Amazing, intriguing, talented, imaginative, whimsical, mysterious, etc. etc. I could go on and on, but I believe to understand my statement, you MUST go look at her work!!!!
She is another Canadian artist to brag about! Although, she was born in western Canada, I see much of the French influence in her works. When I look at her work, I ask myself, where in her pysche does this come from? Look at her work and you continually notice things that you didn't the first time you looked, thus the intrigue. Her work, to me, has a mystical feel to it as well.

I WILL have one of her works in the near future!

Please go see for yourself and visit here Etsy shop at:

Now, in her own words,she does a beautiful job of describing herself.

My professional background is in visual and creative arts as well as in social work. I presently live in the Montreal region where I share my life with the loves of my life, my husband and my two daughters. I’ve been creative all my life…literally. It all started with feeling the mud between my toes on the farm in the Canadian prairies where I was born and spent my childhood. Creativity is definitely a passion with me. In that sense, my artwork is neither a job nor a hobby but a need. The ideas just keep coming and I continuously strive to bring them to life.

Everything about life seems to inspire me. I am always in awe with nature’s extraordinary creative force and beauty. I have a love of nature, music, travelling, best friends, family, laughter and all the joys that life has to offer. And then there are life’s tribulations. Having worked for over 20 years with people struggling with mental heath disorders, I have to say that some of my most profound and rewarding inspirations have come from individuals who have overcome life’s obstacles on their own terms. I’m I strong believer in the concepts of empowerment, resilience and the possibility of transforming one’s life.

Through more than 30 years, my one constant expression in art has been Collage, and for the past five years I have been working on transferring this art form into the digital world. Layers upon layers of thoughts, emotions and research have been turned into transparencies, textures, colours, depth, emotions, portraitures, etc. This virtual digital world of seemingly endless possibilities has given me a new take on my artwork, allowing me to pursue even further my undying need to produce lyrical, evocative and sometimes provocative images.

You may notice that as a collagist I will often use master paintings or sculptures for the expression of my ideas, my emotions and reflections in my photomontage and photofusion artwork. Some of the master painters or sculptors that give flight to my imagination are: Bouguereau, Barbier, Chase, Collier, Degas, Lautrec, Menzel, Modigliani, Pascin, Sargent, Waterhouse, Vigeland, Homer, Monet, Rousseau, Redon, Seurat, Klimt and others. The images that I use are all in the public domain and therefore no longer under any copyright laws.

I personally print all of my artwork, using only the finest archival papers and inks, to ensure consistent quality and satisfaction for my clients. It also permits me to offer extremely reasonable prices for a high quality print.

I invite you to visit my virtual art gallery(shop) and welcome inquires and feedback regarding my work.

I’m a woman, born with the moon in cancer on the 9th of July.

Thank you Lyse ....... Bon Chance! (Hope I said that right)


Lyse said...


Thank you so much for making my work a part of your fantastic blog.

It is truly an honor.


LK said...

The honour is all mine, Lyse but, I will say you are most welcome...
I am a huge fan!

LK said...

Oops, forgot I'm on my daughter's computer in New Jersey, thus the LK.

cottoncolors said...

Marg, great post! I have noticed Imagine Studio before. She is a very talented artist!