Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, this past week has been a roller coaster of emotions. I started the week still looking after my little grandaughter. On Monday, I took her to daycare and then went back and made pumpkin cupcakes to have for her birthday on Tuesday. I cleaned and tidied up my daughter's home as they were due back Monday night. Tuesday was Maggie's birthday. Mommy and Daddy took her to daycare and arranged for her room to have pizza for lunch. They arrived home from daycare and Mommy had bought her a heliium filled birthday balloon. Oh my gosh, she was SO wired! Hilarious watching her and all her excitement. She had a few gifts and then I had made a pasta dinner. She chowed down pretty well and then we put two candles in one of the cupcakes. She was covered head to toe in icing and cake by the time she was finished.
Wednesday, I left to return home. It was a long nine hour drive as it poured rain and crazy winds the whole way home. I was disappointed as I had hoped to do some photography of the fall colours while driving through the such luck! Wednesday night I arrived home to find out that my cousins husband(who had terminal cancer) had indeed passed away. I was also informed that my cousins daughter sadly lost her baby and was five a one half months sad.
Thursday I went to family breakfast and then did a pile of small errands. That night, of course, we went to the visitation at the funeral sad to lose such a special man...he truly was one of the good guys. There were SO many people at both the afternoon and evening visitations that each segment went one hour longer than planned in order to accomodate all the people who came to pay their respects. Friday was the funeral and then there was a lunch and 'celebration' of his life afterward....really, really touching. His grandaughter who is ten years old wrote such an emotional tribute to her 'Grandpa'....had many of us in tears.
I then had to have bloodwork and met another cousin for coffee. Yesterday, I cooked and baked for a big part of the day for our family's Thanksgiving. This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and although there have been some sad events this week, we, as a family, still have SO much to be thankful for and count our blessings, which are many. We all drive up north to a camp and each contributes something to the meal. It was absolutely wonderful. There were 48 of us there and we were missing 32 others who couldn't make it this year....such a great thing to do!
I'm now sitting here doing my blog very, very tired. I'm trying to plan my week as I have SO many glass blocks and plates to get made for a sale I'm doing the first weekend in November. OMG!...where does the time go?????

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