Sunday, March 28, 2010


This weekend my two daughters and their children are together enjoying time with each other. As an added bonus, Shirley, our friend from England got to join them.
Shirl is a very important part of both my daughter's lives and mine. She became a part of our family many years ago. After I had my second daughter and returned to work, I hired Shirley as a live-in nanny for both my girls. One of the best things I ever did. She was only nineteen years old at the time and other than a phone call to her in England, she had no idea how her life would change, nor did we. She was scared and homesick at first. In time, however, she blended in to our family and gave the girls as good or better care than I. We wanted her to stay a part of our family even after she finished working for us. Since Shirl is an only child and never married, my girls and now their children, are incredibly important to Shirl. She has a family she loves and who love her immensely! For me, she's like a younger sister. Definitely, a win-win for all!

They've had some photos taken to mark this weekend and I've just posted a few. I must say I beam with pride when I look at my two daughters and what they've accomplished. It's not just their professional lives I'm so proud of, rather I'm more proud of how they've become wonderful women, mothers and human beings. Their capacity for love and caring and sharing is what I love about them the most.

God blessed me with two wonderful gifts called Marlo and Lindsay. They, in turn, blessed me with two great sons-in-laws and then my very special 'little man' and my very special 'sweet pea'. Life is good.

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kimforbeads said...

So wonderful to have family & friends around, great pictures.