Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, I arrived home on Friday night revitalized and really feeling great after time with my oldest daughter, my son-in-law and of course, my little man. My timing for this trip was perfect as Marlo was off Good Friday, the Saturday and then Easter Sunday. We got to spend some quality time which I so enjoyed!

Mason loves to play 'drum and flag corps' so I brought him an Olympic flag which he loves to twirl and pretend he's in a marching band and drum corps. He's actually very good at the movements using the flag! He was quite excited to have his own Olympic flag. He had watched some of the Olympics with his Mommy and knew they had been held in Canada this year....BUT, he really only cared about the flag.

Being Easter, Mason went on two different Easter egg hunts and 'Grammie' got to be at both. He is such a special boy and I get so much pleasure spending time with him. We had a 'Grammie and Mason' day and we went to the Aquatic Centre and spent over two and a half hours just having fun in the water. Mason's request was to go to McDonald's for lunch as he's collecting all the dragons from the kids meals.
He's taking piano lessons so Grammie got to attend one of those as well. I told him some day he'll be a 'rock star' and maybe be star piano player in some band...maybe. He will be what he wants to be, but it sure will be interesting to see where his life leads. Both his Mom and I feel he's destined for Broadway. He's very theatrical. The kids musicals that are out on DVD, he has most of the songs and words memorized...amazing ability for that type of thing!! Talent galore!

I then headed on up to Ohio and spent a day and a half with our friends there. Deb and Doc are so easy to be around and Deb always sends me away with gifts. They are not needed but so appreciated. This time I was blessed to receive two different sets of custom jewellry that a friend of Deb's makes. I wore one set today to two different family gatherings and received many compliments. These are two very special people!

I have been slack with my exercising and will start over again beginning tomorrow. I don't feel quite so bad because I hadn't lost a single pound or inch exercising every day for two months before I left...darn it!

Now, it's reality time again for me. I have SO much to get done and need my nose to the grindstone in order to catch up. It always amazes me how much one can accomplish when push comes to shove. Well, that will be me over the next while. It is SO worth the hard work ahead to have had time with my daughters and their families over the past month. I love them more than they'll ever know and my pride in them continues to grow with each passing year.


PRISCILLA MAE et al said...

Lovely to see you had such a great time with your family and friends. Now ... back to work!

Anonymous said...

It's funny...I thought of you on Friday as I drove past Niagara-on-the-lake and was SO tempted to pull off and see if I could find you listed in a phone book, but for some reason I thought you were in Paris at the moment or have you already been? Someday,we will meet, right?