Saturday, April 24, 2010


One of the many wonderful things about spring, aside from the weather, is getting outside and reconnecting. In my neighbourhood, as in most, people are now out raking, mowing, cleaning yards, and just relaxing outside.
You see your neighbours and you may go across the street to say 'Hi' and catch up on their family, you may see your neighbour out mowing his/her lawn and wave, and you see many of your neighbours just out for a stroll in the warmth of the day.
We all kind of hibernate in the winter. We may call a neighbour once in a while, but Canadian winters are not conducive to outdoor chats.

Today, as yesterday, I was out raking, pulling and doing general clean up of my 78 ft. rock garden. What a mess! I'm eager to get it finished as the crocus are up, the dwarf iris are just starting to bud out, the muscari are almost ready, my rock cress varieties are just in bloom, and the creeping phlox is just showing signs of blooms.

I love the gardening, although my body feels it more these days. It also takes a bit longer to accomplish a task because one's neighbour's do stop to chat and we get caught up on each other's lives. Sometimes, you get a bit of gossip as well.

When I was working today on the rock garden, my neighbour's dog came to say 'Hi' to me. She is the most beautiful dog and she loves attention. Her name is 'Kit'. She'll run around you and sometimes bark with excitement. She loves to eat carrots, so of course, I got her a carrot! Best friends forever! I appreciate most dogs, but I've never really wanted one of my own. I had a Samoyed at one time, but way too high maintenance. They seem like so much work after having cats! Cats are just so independent.

This week, I managed to get six plates made and will post one or two on my blog within the next day or so. I'll also post to my Facebook wall.

My problem, so to speak, is I'd much rather be making plates, doing photography, and gardening than the mundane chores of housecleaning and cooking these days. I really do get so lost in my own world when I'm doing what I love. It's quite cathartic for me!

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be rich enough to hire people to do what I would rather not have to do....hmmm! It's never going to happen so I should just quit wondering! I learned a long time ago that wishing doesn't make it happen.

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Meg Mitchell said...

Your garden sounds lovely and I don't blame you for wanting to be there instead of doing all those mundane tasks. Do what you love. Life's too short.
Can't wait to see your new plates.