Friday, May 7, 2010


Yes, that's what my poor blog has been for the past 12 days....neglected!
It's been both a satisfying and frustrating time for me lately. I made a list the beginning of this year of things I wanted to accomplish. Guess what! As of now, I think only one thing on that list is completed. My 'Type A' personality used to have a slight fit if things on lists didn't get checked off and completed. One thing age has done for me has taught me it's not the end of the world if I don't meet my intended schedules. Somehow, in the end, I do accomplish my set tasks. I actually knew someone who made a list of things to do for each week. On that list, she'd actually have 'make a to-do list' for the following week. Never been quite that specific!

I feel great in that we accomplished a lot with the gardens. However, we still have a few more gardens to get completed. With removing mulch, weeding, and transplanting it always takes a LOT more time than one thinks. The tulips and daffodils will probably be gone by the end of the weekend...:( At the moment, my rock garden looks beautiful!

I've had numerous and sundry appointments. I spend almost no time with my father, however, he asked me to help him visit a funeral home to get all the details and costs. After two years of me suggesting he prepay his funeral, he has finally decided to do so. There are many reasons I wanted this done, which I won't go into, but it's a relief to know all the decisions have been made. The main impetus for my Dad deciding to do this, I believe, is a new additional tax that takes effect July 1st on funeral expenses. If one prepays, they are exempt from the new tax.

I had every great intention of posting some photos of the new plates I've completed. As I write this, I'm so frustrated with the photos I took. I will try to shoot them again. Part of my dilemma, is the fact there is no ideal location in my house with decent lighting to photograph. I'm actually investigating on ebay for photo lights. I'll try again this weekend, but definitely have to find a better solution.

I did some baking as we have our good friend, Shirley arriving a week tomorrow from England. I've also been busy making a collage of my niece, Kelly. I'm holding a bridal shower for her next weekend. I'm using it as a guest book of sorts. Each guest will be asked to sign the back of the shadow box so she''ll have a permanent record of who attended..something a little bit different.

I'm going with my newest friend, Marg to a fashion show tomorrow night. It will be a great break from the usual.

To all the Mothers out there, have a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope you have a special day! Now that my daughters are mothers as well, one day maybe we'll get to celebrate Mother's Day together. Once a mother, always a mother! It's a most special kind of love.

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Meg Mitchell said...

My word, have you been busy! Sounds like your schedule has been filled from morning until night. The day spent with your Dad must have been very difficult. None of us want to face that reality.
Have fun with your visiting friend and your getaway to a fashion show. Thank goodness for friends.