Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, a lot of planning and a lot of work BUT the bridal shower for my niece, Kelly was a wonderful afternoon! Although the shower was not a surprise, her Mom and I decided not to tell her our friend, Shirley would be here from England. As they came up the walkway Shirley opened the door and just completely shocked Kelly. Kel began to cry with excitement. I also think it shows how 'on edge' she is at the moment.

I had requested that the guests purchase gift cards from one particular Canadian store ( The Bay ) which they could use to apply to a brand new, extra large boxspring and mattress. Since they both had their own apartments, they said they didn't need much. Having said that, they really, really wanted and needed a new bed. They received enough in gift cards to almost completely pay for their new bed. I just heard from her Mom they put in the difference and are SO ecstatic to have a new bed!

The big hit as far as food was the Belgian chocolate fondue fountain....Delicious and just plain fun!

I have a cousin who has taken up cake decorating who offered to do a cake for the occasion. Below is the end result.........just beautiful!!!

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